the API is now public. we can’t wait to see what you do with it.
Jul 8 · 2 min read

if you want to skip to the good stuff → our API docs.

before we ever wrote a line of code, we were preparing for this day. we have built entirely using our own API, knowing that we’d eventually provide access to all of our data to anyone who wanted to use it. and we’re very proud to be doing that now.

our goal is that anywhere you see EOS token pricing and market data, it came from us. it might be on another website or app or in a form we don’t even offer — but our API will be the source of the data.

it’s a hard, thankless, time-consuming job to put together all of this data, much of it for tokens few people even know about. but we enjoy it, we’re pretty good at it, and we want to save every developer, trader and tinkerer the work of re-inventing the wheel.

for now, the API returns (for one token or all of them):

  • project name
  • project description
  • project logo (PNG)
  • token symbol
  • token contract
  • current price
  • total supply
  • max supply
  • marketcap
  • all-time high
  • all-time low
  • 24-hour volume
  • 24-hour change

if you’d like to play around with or use our data, have a look at our API docs.

if you have questions or want to bounce ideas off of us, please reach out. our Telegram group is a good place. email works too:

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EOS tokens. Prices, exchanges, charts.

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