Mind-Shift to Succeed in Digital Marketing Career

Digital Marketing is one of the most booming careers nowadays. Stats says that Digital Marketing is topping the charts of most desired skills needed from last few years and this has made many talents blindly hoping in Digital Marketing.

Especially after reading this kind of Internet Marketers Success Stories.

The Internet has become the easy cash making industry but like in any other path, Obviously, it also needs the extreme efforts.

In my experience of learning, working, failing and succeeding in Digital Marketing Career, I have learned the secret of being a cream Digital Marketer; whom every company or client would love to work with.

Firstly, If you are the one feeling like you are late to get in Digital Marketing stream because of it has saturated then mind this that saturation is only for mediocrity not for mastery.

The thing which will kill your Digital Marketing Career:

Every week one of my friend learning Digital Marketing talks about the new tactics he has learned but after a month only yells that it is not for him, “It’s too complicated.”

After a chuckle, I just say…

You only made it complicated!

If YOU have also gotten too fast into tactical and so-called digital marketing hacks world then hold on!

Trust me, this is not going to work and harm your confidence on your competency in long run.

The best thing you can do to yourself right now is to understand what is going to be the real impact of your actions on the business.

I repeat, understand what is going to be the real impact of your actions on the business.

The reason I am wiggling you and repeating this is that I have made this mistake in starting of my career to only stressing about tactics, which made my employers and clients have a straight face and seen me as a high-risk expense for them.

if you want a bright career in Digital Marketing, then you have seen as an investment, not an expense. It should be clear that how each step is generating value for the business you are working with.

For Example:

Let’s imagine you are a business owner and want to add Search Engine Marketing in your marketing strategy and call me to do the job and I say.

“I am a Google Certified Online Marketer and will build your Adwords campaigns by doing a dedicated keywords research using online intelligence tools like SEMrush or SpyFu and do the A/B testing for you to get the best CTR and CPC and will charge you $1000 for my work”

Tell me, will you hire me, especially when you have no idea how Digital Marketing works?

You know as a business owner what will you do; either you will remove SEM from your marketing strategy or hire someone who will say..

“There are approximately 3000 people per month searching for the product you are offering in the market and through my campaigns I will show targeted ads to all the 3000 hot prospects and make sure that I show your compelling ads to all the users looking for the products you offer, which will get you minimum 36 hot leads from just one campaign.”

Now tell me, won’t you hire me? Who doesn’t need extra 36 hot leads in their pocket!

I hope now you would have understood how imperative it is to learn ‘Why’ before you learn ‘how.’

Now, you must be saying; “But, Utkarsh, I need to learn how to do all the stuff to deliver the results I promise.”

Of course, you need to learn it, if you take above example, you have to know..

When your ads are seen by 3000 people and get 3% CTR, then you will get 90 visitors, and if your conversion rate is 40%, then the business owner will get approx 36 leads in $90 ad spent because the average CPC was $1.

You have to know all this but once you understand why you need to put the time to learn it. I bet you, once you are clear about the outcomes then your learning process will become more interesting and easily learnable.

Hope it has added immense value to you!

I’ll be really happy to know if I made any difference in your mindset to excel your Digital Marketing career in the comments below.

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