Fully accredited and highly rated ICOs breaking records trending occurring

(Markethive is preparing to launch into the ICO market end of summer as an ILP)

By the end of the third week of April, the ICO market has “via ICObench” raised $50 million, that is seven times higher compared to the previous year. At the same time, the average rating of projects has been decreased to 4.0. Korea took the lead of Top 5 countries with $27.2 million raised with ICO during the third week of April.

Overall, ICOs in April have raised already $90 million that is almost twice what has been raised in March during the same period…

I am pretty excited to put this autoresponder tutorial together. It is a pure work of joy. If you ever wanted to understand why most autoresponders never work and the difference, this webinar will show you the way.

Today’s email faces massive competition for your audiences time. When I show you why your autoresponder emails will be embraced and the traffic they generate will be huge because this campaign incorporates email and so much more.

I will take you from concept, to story board, the writing the content, building the videos, setting up the blogs and completing the entire process…

As we are now fully committed to launching Markethive this coming July, there is still a lot to do to get there.

Do you want to help us? By helping us, you are helping yourself. Markethive is all of ours; we all have a piece of this dream.

Aside from investing…….

Here is what you can do, by growing the ranks of our Markethive social accounts; you are helping to establish Markethive’s credibility which will be a centrifugal force in our successful crowd launch.

Install Alexa and help our Alexa ranking continue to grow.

Log into…

We have been through hell and high-water, treachery and disasters. Ups and downs, but the vision has remained sacrosanct and the movement has always remained in motion forward.

Giving up was and is not an option with me. I have stuck to this vision for over 20 years. And now we have arrived to the final stretch. Let me explain.

I relate to this video. In many ways I have faced failure after failure, refusing never quit. Letting death be my comfort not quitting. …


Markethive is a blockchain, a real ecosystem with our own coin. Our coin is listed on the exchanges and it’s value is growing. Get paid to join Markethive

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