How to Boost Your Digital Marketing Career? 5 Important Tips by Chan Chawla

Looking to make a name for yourself in the digital marketing industry? You have chosen the right time to dive into the world of Digital marketing. The digital economy is growing faster than ever and at this rate, soon traditional marketing will be overshadowed by digital presence of the brands and products.

I am an ardent follower of changing market trends and keep a keen eye of shifting digital strategies. With over 10 years of experience in creating disruptive marketing strategies, I can tell you one thing — strategic digital marketing is all about learning, adapting and predicting market trends. Here are some important tips from my personal experience that might help aspiring digital marketers like you.

​#1. Always keep learning and stay updated with latest industry trends

As you have figured by now, it is not easy creating a place for yourself in this rapid growing and competitive industry. The companies can easily differentiate between someone who is ready to learn and adapt against someone without any passion for learning. Without the desire to learn new things and adaptability to changing market trends, you will have a hard time finding a job in this field.

Along with the attitude to keep learning, you need to keep updated with industry news, digital influencers, and Google or Facebook recent algorithm changes. Staying updated with what’s happening in the digital world can arm you with the knowledge and expertise that will give you an edge against other digital marketers. Here are some sites that you should follow to get regular digital marketing updates:

· For SEO updates — Check out Moz, Search Engine Land, SEO gadget etc.

· For PPC updates — PPC Hero and Search Engine Land are good options

· For Social Media — Check out Social Media Examiner

#2. Connect with digital influencers and follow them

This is a great way to learn from the best of the best. Connect with people who are more talented and influential in the field of marketing. Create a rapport and stay connected with these people. They can help you when you get stuck with a problem.

Attend digital marketing seminars, industry meetups and marketing conferences to meet and connect with fellow marketers and influencers. Attending such seminars and conferences also help in boosting your skills and knowledge.

#3. Learn digital marketing lingoes and use it to build your brand

You need to see yourself as a brand and work on your online presence, if you want to succeed as a digital marketer. Learning the terminologies such as PPC, SEM, SEO and all the integral jargons of these verticals will help shape your digital profile. You should be able to understand digital terminologies used by businesses easily.

Build your personal brand to get an edge against your competition. If you have a better online presence, it can sway the hiring executives in your favor. It shows that you’ve an in-depth knowledge of the domain and know how to market a brand.

#4. Specialize in one segment but also improve your other skills

It is important to have expertise in at least two segments of digital marketing and basic knowledge about the remainders. Companies prefer to hire candidates with a broad digital marketing skill set. In fact, I prefer to hire candidates who have specialization in one or two segments of digital marketing but also have ample knowledge on the other segments.

Being a digital marketer, you need to be able to identify issues with a website or project, analyze and create a detailed audit report. Based on this report, you should be able to create a digital marketing strategy for a particular business or client. You should also have the basic knowledge of HTML, WordPress and graphic designing.

#5. Understand ROI and get a digital certification

Do you know the difference between CPC and CPA? If you want to crack a digital marketing expert position interview, you need to be able to answer these questions. An interviewer might ask you to share an ROI strategy based on a real-life scenario — given to you on the spot. You should be able to talk money.

Lastly, give your efforts a stamp of approval. Get certified by Microsoft or Google for digital marketing courses. It adds to your resume and can be a deciding factor when you are hunting for a job or negotiating your package.

Examples: Google Adwords certification, Bing certification, HubSpot digital marketing certification etc.

About author:

Chan Chawla is a technology strategist, who likes to keep up with changing technological trends. His strong performance-based leadership skills along with extensive knowledge in a variety of businesses and technological domains makes him one of the top tech strategists in the IT and Digital Marketing industry. You can learn more about Chan here —