Top 10 time tracking and billing software solutions

Time is the most critical asset that can help to prioritize the tasks efficiently. It has to be billable, accountable and valuable when undertaking a project. Every organization must have time tracking software regardless of the size and type of the businesses. The time tracking software lets you monitor each task on the several different projects.

The time tracking program manages cost efficiencies and inaccuracies and makes the project profitable and more successful. Digitizing the timesheet process helps to identify how much of it is productive for your business.

The listed below are the top 10-time tracking and billing software that allows to quickly enter time anywhere, on any device.

  1. Harvest

The time tracking software comes up with the simple, intuitive interface that lets you and your team on board to be fast and easy working. Get the real-time access to your projects on time. Ensure the business’s profitability in whatever way it is easiest for your business.

2) Invoicera


Using the time tracking software allows getting key insights as how much time each project or client benefits to get the job done. Figure out how profitable you are on your business prospects. You can easily track and analyze time to each task, clients or projects. The time tracking and billing software like Invoicera ensure automated time entries, improve productivity with team time management. The software has the ability to generate the tracked time to invoices.

3) Zoho Invoice

Zoho Books allows making your time and work count providing the features like logging and tracking time, managing multiple projects, add expenses related to an invoice and more. You can either log on to the projects daily or weekly basis or use the timer widget to clock the time you spend. Create new projects and assign specific tasks to your employees.

4) Accountsight

Account Sight

Accountsight offers a wide array of online time tracking features designed for businesses, freelancers, and independent consultants. It has an extremely user-friendly interface that makes both the online timesheet submission and approval time simple for users. It provides users to submit multiple timesheets for different users by uploading excel files.

5) Due

The online time tracking tool available for small business owners, freelancers and companies of all sizes. One can accurately gauge and design how long it takes to complete your project work. It also increases profitability and enhances your ability for further revenue opportunities. Speed up the invoice process with the collected data in the time tracker tool rather than additional time to compile the necessary data.

6) Hub staff

The time tracking software that measures the activity levels in Windows, MAC, Linux, Chromebook, Android, and iOS. The time logger app is simple to use, lightweight and runs in the background so you can take care of your business without interruption. Easy timekeeping options for accurate time logging and how much time you spend at each location with the push of a button. You can easily customize, download and email these reports.

7) Ronin


The simple online invoicing and time tracking application available for thousands of freelancers and agencies. Manage your clients, estimates, invoices, projects to focus on what you do best. Ronin helps to keep track on which time entries have been billed and which need to be invoiced.

  • Track against projects with different hourly rate set a flat rate per project
  • Track which entries have been billed and which to be invoiced
  • View progress and track hours on projects

8) Tick


Tick is seamless time tracking software to enter your time from anywhere. It is the easiest way to track time whether you prefer iOS, Android, Apple Watch or on your desktop computer. The time tracking now appears hassle free with just a click of a button. Simply select your project and task, then start tracking time. It also updates your project and task budgets in real time and reports to you. A good time tracking software helps to get detailed insights into your projects.

9) Toggl

The simplest time tracker for teams, freelancers, and agencies. Track hours with a single click and learn the hours spent on various projects and tasks. You can also share professional looking reports to increase transparency and client satisfaction. Maximize your project profits to get an accurate picture of how clients really are.

10) Trigger

The trigger is a responsive app that enables to plan your team’s project and tasks. It can easily reallocate work across the team with highly visual and color-coded options. It helps you combine data for companies, tasks, projects, target hours, average hours, logged hours and much more. You can easily promote transparency on what’s really going on in your business.


The time tracking tool helps to make your workplace run more efficiently. It’s worth the time to understand why it’s necessary and how it works to prevail benefits. The right thing starts at the right time that will help improve your business at exactly right speed.