Building Your Own Website for SEO

HTML5 is a great tool and one must use such tools to make a site. Apart from this there are various other modern tools which help in making the best web design. These tools will not only keep one updated but at the same time will also keep the site ahead of competition

It takes about only four seconds to create an impact to prospective customers. Four seconds! Yes, that is right. This is the reason why web designing is a big part when starting out with your business, and even when you come up with a representation for your company.

Now it’s time to talk to your short list of designers. I recommend you start with a list of 3–5 to interview and ask them the same questions: Will they provide a scope/timeline document for the project and estimated cost? Is the project quote on an hourly or project basis? Can you review a copy of their standard contract in advance? How many revisions and reviews are included in the project cost? How are project changes defined and handled? What things will they do to make your web site an effective marketing tool?

As you search for designers to interview, you will want to have a process for reviewing their site. Some of the questions you will want to ask yourself about their site are: Is it easy to navigate? Can you find almost everything you want to know just by going through the web site? Do the pages load quickly? Is there anything about the site you find annoying? Write down any questions you have about the designer’s website and why she created the design the way she did. For example, if the pages load slowly — ask why.

Create multiple content pages. Make a separate page for each important keyword and key phrase. If, for example, you want your site to come up for the key phrases web consulting, web design, and search engine optimization, make three separate pages. Create a web page for each major keyword. Don’t create automated pages just to get search engine exposure. To keep visitors at your site, you have to give them good content. Keyword-rich articles are a good way to optimize your pages for search engines while providing useful content to your visitors.