What are the contrasts between Socket weld and Butt weld?

Socket Weld (SW) fittings are characterized in the ASME B16.11. Similarly as with socket weld, a pipe is embedded into a recessed range of the fitting. Both the pipe and the fitting are square cut, with no requirement for angled end or planning other than cleaning the outside, which permits simple welding and installation.

Butt weld (BW) fittings are characterized in the ASME B16.9. They are welded at their closures to pipe end, with an indistinguishable thickness from channels. The finish of butt weld fittings should be slanted


Socket weld (the filet weld) opposes around 1/2 the quality of butt welding. So it is for the most part utilized for little pipeline (Small Bore Piping) with distances across NPS 2 or littler.

Butt weld keeps better quality, useful for high weight or high temperature pipelines. So it is utilized when a welded joint with quality not lower than that of the base metal itself is required.


Socket weld is easy to install. Be that as it may, it requires approx. 1/16″ of hole at the base of the pipe to attachment into, to permit thermal extension. This hole can prompt over stress issue that breaks the filet weld of the fitting. Socket weld is troublesome in destructive liquid administration because of fissure erosion. Furthermore, it is anything but difficult to erode because of the intermittence of the smooth pipe internals.

Butt weld is the “best” as far as quality, weariness, and erosion resistance, and temperatures consistence. Notwithstanding, it is more hard to fit-up and weld legitimately, requiring talented welder and much time.


Typically, the cost of Socket weld fittings is higher than Butt weld fittings in comparative size. In any case, the additional cost of butt weld is higher for establishment, considering work cost and talented welder.

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