Buying Shih: A Guide

If you are reading this page, we welcome you. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. It’s going to be a wild ride

We will be providing a guide on how to buy SHIH TZU through Uniswap (ETH) & Pancakeswap (BSC).

$SHIH can also be bought on the Bitrue Exchange Link here:

Please note: Buying $SHIH on Uniswap can be expensive, gas fees (transaction fee) can reach $150 sometimes! This is because Uniswap lies on the Etheruem blockchain, which generally has higher gas fees compared to other blockchains. Buying on Pancakeswap (which lies on the Binance Smart Chain) is an alternative, gas fees are under $1.

Another Note: For the sake of safety, please make sure to bookmark the links given in this article. These are the official links and are safe to use. We care about your safety and well-being, especially if you’re part of the #ShihArmy 😊

How to buy using Uniswap

Step 1: Create a Metamask account.

Link here:

Make sure to note down your passwords and phrases!

Step 2: Load up your Metamask account with Ethereum.

You can purchase $ETH on Metamask by clicking the “Buy” button or send $ETH from an exchange to your Metamask address.

Step 3: Connecting to Uniswap

Uniswap Link —

Connect your wallet to Uniswap. This will allow you to be able to trade any token on the Uniswap Exchange.

Step 4: Selecting the $SHIH token

Click “Select a token” and paste the $SHIH Etheruem (ERC-20) contract address.

$SHIH Etheruem Contract address: 0x841fb148863454a3b3570f515414759be9091465

Then tick the box and import it.

The Swap box in the centre of your screen should now show “ETH” at the top and “SHIH” at the bottom. This means we are preparing to swap ETH into SHIH.

Step 5: Swapping $ETH into $SHIH

In the Swap box, type the amount of $ETH you would like to exchange into $SHIH and then click the “Swap” button.

A Metamask notification will pop up on your screen, it will show you the cost of the transaction (gas fee). If you are happy with the total cost (The $ETH you are swapping + gas fee), press “Confirm”.

After a while your $ETH will be converted into $SHIH, when the transaction is completed.

Step 6: Adding $SHIH to your Metamask

To view your $SHIH holdings, you simply just need to go on your Metamask, scroll to the bottom and click “Import Tokens”.

Select “Custom Token”, paste the $SHIH contract address and click “Add Custom Token”.

You will then be able to see your $SHIH tokens (on Etheruem) in your Metamask wallet.

How to buy using Pancakeswap

The process is identical to buying on Uniswap, only with a few differences. This time, we will be dealing with the Binance Smart Chain. Which means, you will need $BNB and will need to switch your Metamask Network from Etheruem to Binance Smart Chain.

Step 1: Adding Binance Smart Chain Network to Metamask, Via Chainlist

Go on the site —

Connect you Metamask wallet. Then Type “Binance” into the search bar.

Connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain option which has the settings: ChainID — 56, Currency — BNB.

Step 2: Switching your Metamask from Etheruem to BSC

On your Metamask, click the drag-down bar on the top right, it should be showing the words “Ethereum Mainnet”

From the list of options shown, click “Binance Smart Chain Mainnet”

Your Metamask has now switched over to the Binance Smart Chain. You can now interact with applications on the Binance Smart Chain such as Pancakeswap.

Step 3: Loading up your Metamask account with $BNB

On the Etheruem Network, we often use $ETH to make our transaction. On the Binance Smart Chain, we use $BNB. You can get $BNB from a variety of exchanges, most notably on Binance.

When you have purchased $BNB, send it to your Metamask address.

Step 4: Buying $SHIH on Pancakeswap

Pancakeswap is another decentralized exchange just like Uniswap, except this exchange lies on the Binance Smart Chain Network, whilst Uniswap lies on the Ethereum Network.

Link to Pancakeswap

Just like before, connect your wallet to Pancakeswap.

Once again, in the Swap Box you will have $BNB at the top and $SHIH at the bottom. To add $SHIH, you will need to use the $SHIH Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Contract address.

$SHIH BSC Contract address — 0x1e8150ea46e2a7fbb795459198fbb4b35715196c

As you can see, gas fees on BSC are a lot more cheaper.

This concludes our guide on how to buy $SHIH on Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

Having acquired your $SHIH tokens. We would like to congratulate you for joining the #ShihArmy, a strong community that is here to show the world of the amazing impact we can have.

We encourage you to participate in community events, plenty of prizes to go around. Share media, spread the word, let’s have our collective voice heard all around the world.

SHIH is embarking on an amazing journey; we are grateful to have you with us.

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