Moving to Charlotte, NC is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in life! From tasting flavorful cuisines to watching NASCAR races, there are countless things you can do after settling into your new home.

If you haven’t bought a house yet and you’re thinking of purchasing one in Charlotte, you’ve come to the right place too. You can scroll through some of the best Charlotte NC homes for sale. Or, talk to your best real estate agent in Charlotte NC to find a perfect home.

We figured out you might have a hard time choosing from the many…

A short sale agent can make or break you! The short sale process takes more work than a regular sale. Having the best Charlotte NC short sale agents is highly recommended. It’s best for you to have someone with experience and who is trustworthy as well.

When searching for an agent to help you with your short sale, It is important to choose an agent who knows the ins and outs of the market, and how to make it easier for you to go through it. You need someone with a successful track record, and who has experience and connections.

Buying a home for your retirement years opens up great possibilities. You can choose a location that offers amenities for you to make the most of retirement, which is an extremely liberating reality after a life of hard work. If you’re looking for a slightly smaller metropolitan area that still boasts all of the desirable aspects of city life, then Charlotte, North Carolina might be a great fit for you.

Charlotte is among the top 35 best places in the US to retire, according to rankings from U.S. News, much of this has to do with the abundance of senior-friendly…

Immaculate ranch style home ideal for contemporary living

Be captivated by the comfort, quality, and location provided by this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1,425 square foot home for sale in Pineville NC.

Nestled in the heart of The Cottages at Carolina Place, a gated community for active adults, this beautiful Pineville home delivers convenience, ample space and a low maintenance quality of life, thanks to the lawn maintenance being included in the HOA.

A gated active adult community

The Cottages at Carolina Place is a gated community designed for adults over 55 seeking to enjoy their retirement years.

Light-flooded turnkey ranch home in Charlotte that celebrates space and landscape

Enjoy the privacy and retreat offered by this move-in ready, executive ranch style family home that showcases space and modern amenities in every space and corner.

Nestled on 1.56 acres of wooded land, this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, 3,748 square foot Charlotte home delivers the easy living you’ve been dreaming of.

You’ll love its expansive front yard with mature trees, tree-lined driveway and scenic drive through its gorgeous neighborhood.

The previous owners have also ensured that this home is well-maintained. Its exteriors were painted in 2016 and the interior painted in 2017. …

Short sale or foreclosure- which is a better option?

Are you having problems with making your monthly mortgage payments? You may be considering what to do next. You can either choose a short sale or a foreclosure. However, before you make any decision, it’s important to know the facts.

How do foreclosures and short sales work?

When a homeowner misses three to six months of payment, the lender will record a notice of default. The homeowner will be notified that he is facing a foreclosure and he will be given a reinstatement period to make things right by paying off debts. If the mortgage balance is not paid off within the given reinstatement period, the homeowner…

Selling a house in probate is a little more complicated than a regular sale.

It involves a series of court-regulated steps that must be carefully followed and managed. When selling a property in probate, you have to be mindful of the deadlines, be familiar with the specialized documentation, and make sure the court’s oversight is honored in all aspects of the sale.

Before clarifying what happens to a home in probate, let start with a definition of probate.

What is probate?

A Charlotte NC Probate is the process through which a deceased person’s property, known as their “estate,” is passed to the heirs and beneficiaries named in their will. …

Are you reading this because you are considering a short sale for your home? Most likely the answer is yes, so here are some questions and answers to get you started!

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale takes place when the bank lets the homeowner sell their home for less than what is owed.

This is an option for a lot of people who are behind on their mortgage payments or have a home that is underwater (meaning, the house is worth less than the outstanding balance on the mortgage), or both.

If done properly, this can be a huge help to the…

The probate process is often misunderstood.

Have you lost your parent recently? Have you been named as the estate’s personal representative?

If so, you need to understand that probate is a highly detailed process and most people do not have any in-depth knowledge of it. Issues surrounding probate are complex. On top of everything, there exists a myriad of myths about the probate process.

For assistance when selling real estate in probate, it is always good to seek the guidance of the best real estate probate agent in Charlotte NC. That would be me, Nancy Braun. Here are the facts about probate you need to know!

A great short sale agent can make all the difference between success and failure in your short sale transaction.

A short sale refers to an agreement between you and your lender that the lender will accept less than the full payoff amount for your mortgage. Because of the complex nature of the transaction, it is strongly recommended that sellers work with short sale agents in Charlotte.

You’ll need the help of an agent with a successful track record in short sales. With their experience and connections, such an agent will be able to identify and help resolve possible problems and protect your interests.

However, homeowners should be aware that there are some real estate agents who claim to be…

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