Luminarc Cadix Dessert Plate 20cm

At Popat Stores offers Luminarc cadix is French produced glass tableware which is classically designed and made of tempered glass. This makes it stain resistant and non-porous due to its glossy surface finish. Cadix is best known for its elegant finish and great value for money.

Luminarc are well known for their durability and style, and we are proud to include a number of their products among a range of great home ware at cheap prices. We stock Luminarc plates and glassware as well as entire dinner sets at sale prices. This includes a wonderful selection of Luminarc bowls, flutes, tumblers, storage jars, cups, saucers and jugs.

Not only do Luminarc products look good, they also go through rigorous testing to ensure they are as practical as possible. All Luminarc plates, glassware and dinner sets are subjected to thermal treatment. This means they can go through regular washes in a dishwasher without any negative consequences.

Dishwasher Safe
The range is available in a number of plates and bowls.
Size: 20cm Diameter x Height 2cm
Weight: 0.2400 kg

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