Zinel Enamel Pan and Cookware 26cm Black with Two Handles

At Popat Stores offers solid circular black enamel pan with a flat base– ideal for frying. It features two handles for ease of use and is easy to clean.

Enamel Cookware inspired by those of professionals, this new, comfortable handle allows a better weight distribution while cooking. Made from forged aluminum for better heat diffusion and even cooking, the large range is compatible with all hobs including induction. The soft touch of its handle and the copper and chocolate exterior color give a warm and premium look. Not suitable for oven use.


Cookware and pans diameter 26cm.
Bakelite handle.
Easy clean with triple-layer non-stick aluminum select coating.
Suitable for the following hob types: gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, induction and solid hotplate.
Dishwasher safe
Also, Available in various sizes:
Size: 26cm Diameter x Height 8cm
Weight: 0.6890 kg

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