MMVG’s Tokenomics

3 min readJul 26, 2023

We will delve into the fascinating world of MMVG’s token supply and how it is utilized to fuel the project’s growth and success.

Let’s explore the details of MMVG’s tokenomics to better understand its managing token supply.

Total Token Supply: 470,000,000,000,000

MMVG’s total token supply is an impressive 470 trillion tokens. However, it’s essential to note that the project has employed a strategic approach to ensure the proper distribution and utilization of these tokens.

Locked Liquidity on Uniswap

To maintain a stable and secure liquidity pool,

90% of the total supply, equivalent to 423 trillion tokens,

has been securely locked for the 15 months on the Uniswap liquidity pool (LP token). This measure guarantees a robust and balanced market for MMVG, enhancing investor confidence.


Supply for CEXs

The remaining

10% of the total supply, which equals 40,700,000,000,000 tokens,

is reserved in the wallet to cater to various CEXs. MMVG’s presence on well-known exchanges like MEXC, CoinW, CoinStore, DigiFinex, and has been instrumental in propelling its growth.


MMVG Vesting Plans

5% of the total supply, which equals 23,500,000,000,000 tokens,

will be allocated for MMVG vesting including NFTs. This process involves staking the tokens based on a well-structured plan. The staking period spans three years (36 months), divided into annual quarters.

The distribution percentages are as follows:

1st year: 58%

2nd year: 28%

3rd year: 14%

On an annual basis, the quarterly distributions will be:

1Q: 35%

2Q: 30%

3Q: 20%

4Q: 15%

MMVG and NFT Allocations:

$MMVG: 1% (4.7 trillion tokens)

NFT P + G + S: 1.5% (7.05 trillion tokens)

NFT Platinum: 1.3% (6.11 trillion tokens)

NFT Gold: 0.7% (3.29 trillion tokens)

NFT Silver: 0.5% (2.35 trillion tokens)

Community & DAO Governance Rewards:


1% of the total supply, which equals 4,700,000,000,000 tokens,

has been reserved for community and DAO governance rewards over a span of 2.5 years (30 months). This allocation aims to foster community participation and enable effective decentralized governance within the MMVG ecosystem.

Transparency and accountability are core principles for MMVG. We currently have the following amount available.


💎Balance: 1,931,587,863,497.66

NFT P + G + S

💎Balance: 2,123,483,492,403.04

NFT Platinum

💎Balance: 2,006,078,005,328.45

NFT Gold

💎Balance: 1,914,174,143,813.39

NFT Silver

💎Balance: 1,598,637,063,268.84

Community & DAO Rewards

💎Balance: 2,016,812,776,102.29

“ Why isn’t the scheduled supply fully in place? “

The MMVG team has created a new wallet to store the existing supply along with the additional amount required to comply with the token design. The new wallet addresses and the corresponding additional transfer amounts are as follows:


📌Address: 0xB4B13f249e76C824a15427e0D3D2D98982610429

🪙Additional Transfer: 2,768,412,136,502.34

💎Final balance: 4,700,000,000,000

🔗 ENS: mmvg-staking.eth


NFT P + G + S

📌Address: 0xe05cf3364Ff07EeC3219Fa7aD59Dc309412008aA

🪙Additional Transfer: 4,926,516,507,596.96

💎Final balance: 7,050,000,000,000

🔗 ENS: mmvg-nft-staking.eth


NFT Platinum

📌Address: 0x3F6BC9B2946f5f76c962360782C30Ad4A9F3f15B

🪙Additional Transfer: 4,103,921,994,672

💎Final balance: 6,110,000,000,000

🔗 ENS: mmvg-nft1-staking.eth


NFT Gold

📌Address: 0x411FD1B98493239791f6d729a61096bcd29FaF0a

🪙Additional Transfer: 1,375,825,856,186.61

💎Final balance: 3,290,000,000,000

🔗 ENS: mmvg-nft2-staking.eth


NFT Silver

📌Address: 0x2Bef2fd0B457cdBE89ab2396fd6fB56a68C25E12

🪙Additional Transfer: 751,362,936,731.16

💎Final balance: 2,350,000,000,000

🔗 ENS: mmvg-nft3-staking.eth


Community & DAO Rewards

📌Address: 0xb44355dAd0becCEd542f5aDa5e6E296E2103EB8d

🪙Additional Transfer: 2,683,187,223,897.71

💎Final balance: 4,700,000,000,000

🔗 ENS: mmvg-community.eth


A total of 16,609,226,655,586.30 tokens are scheduled to be transferred to the new wallet,

and when considering both the existing amount in the current wallet and the newly added amount,

the total amount will be 28,200,000,000,000 tokens, which is 6% of the total supply

MMVG’s tokenomics are designed with a focus on long-term sustainability, transparency, and community involvement.

The careful allocation of tokens ensures the project’s growth and success while rewarding and incentivizing stakeholders.

The locked liquidity on Uniswap and strategic partnerships with exchanges contribute to MMVG’s sustainable ecosystem.😄