What is next on the list for the “Crebellion”?

“Any daily work task that takes 5 minutes will cost over 20 hours a year, or over half of a work week. Even if it takes 20 hours to automate that daily 5 minute task, the automation will break even in a year.”
Anthony J. Stieber

Things have been fairly quiet about what is coming next from the Meri project. Well, I was privileged enough to have a chat with Chris during the last week where he lifted part of the veil on what is coming from the Merebel team.

According to Chris, one part of the cryptosphere that everyone misses out on from time to time is trading. Very simply put, you can not be everywhere all the time, without sufficient sleep errors make their way into the process and you end up loosing money.

Merebel will be introducing two new sections on its platform.

One section for selling licensed access to top of the range automated trading running effectively with minimal latency to any of the top exchanges. Purchase a licence with Merebel and gain access to world class automated trading software. This will be operating with hundreds of simultaneously monitored and executed strategies.

The second section will be the Merebel’s version of the venerable Skunk Works and the radical innovation that implies. Users of the labs will have free access to the automated platform but with a limited range of strategies. The absolutely unique part of the Labs will be the strategy design tool where users can compete against each other and the main bot.

Users who manage to create and effectuate strategies successful enough for inclusion on the main platform will be receiving rewards paid out in MERI.

Gradually over the next couple of months in a staged fashion. In there mean time, there may be minor intermittences on the platform due to updates being carried out.

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