LUKSO and Arianee join forces and announce strategic partnership to foster adoption of Blockchain technology in the luxury industry.

Emmanuelle Collet
Jun 28 · 4 min read

Arianee will become one of the first protocols to use the LUKSO Blockchain, while LUKSOwill join Arianee as a partner. LUKSO’s CTO and co-founder Fabian Vogelsteller will become a member of Arianee’s Advisory board, while Christian Jorge, Arianee’s COO andco-founder joins LUKSO’s advisory board.

Berlin/Paris — May 14th, 2019 — LUKSO is an open blockchain ecosystem specifically created for the lifestyle industry. It provides a decentralized innovation and trust infrastructure for fashion brands, start-ups and consumers to issue, own and transfer product ownership.

Arianee is a Digital Certification Standard for valuable goods based on an open source, token based smart contract protocol, managed by an independent and participative organization.

Arianee and LUKSO are two separate, complementary and essential layers, required for the adoption of blockchain technology by the luxury and fashion industries. While LUKSO offers the first dedicated network and blockchain infrastructure for this sector, Arianee is the most advanced protocol and governance structure that allows immediate implementations and distribution of Digital trusted identities for serialized products. A network needs protocols to allow use cases to emerge and consumer and business facing interfaces to be developed. Such a protocol needs a blockchain infrastructure and a network to be deployed on. The complementarity between the two projects creates a fantastic opportunity to accelerate the adoption of the blockchain technology within this industry and the emergence of a strong ecosystem of industry driven solutions and protocols. LUKSO and Arianee will initiate a strategic partnership with short and long-term collaborations.

Arianee will become one of the first protocols to join the Lukso network as soon as the infrastructure will be live, and joint tests and betas will be developed collaboratively in the coming months. The LUKSO project will also become member of the Arianee project association As of today, Fabian Vogelsteller, CTO of the LUKSO project, joins Arianee’s advisory board, while Christian Jorge, Arianee’s COO, will in return become a member of LUKSO’s advisory board. By pooling their strengths and collaborating on both the technology and strategic sides, innovation can be accelerated and standardization and interoperability of the Arianee protocol improved. This will push for a faster implementation of the technology and benefits the industry at large.

We believe in collaboration, transparency and open innovation, it is obvious for us to join forces with the LUKSO network to improve our technologies and evangelize our market faster. Arianee’s distributed governance is shared with its members, the brands, and we are delighted to be able to help them understand and adopt additional layers of the technology “ says Christian Jorge, co-founder of Arianee and former SVP at Vestiaire Collective, one of the world’s largest luxury second-hand online stores.

Exclusivity has always been a feature of the fashion industry, the uniqueness of objects can be owned and transferred virtually thanks to the Arianee protocol, using the LUKSO Blockchain under the hood. Customisation, authenticity and tokenization will shape the future landscapes of fashion. These can not be controlled by one entity or geography, but will be controlled by an entirely new global community.” says Marjorie Hernandez, CEO and founder of LUKSO

Arianee is today the most advanced blockchain project for the luxury industry in the world, not only the technology is ready to be implemented, but our distributed governance model, our non-profit structure and our open source & open service technology creates unique conditions for the industry to establish a standard in a pre-competitive and trustful way. Joining our forces with LUKSO will bring to luxury clients the best features they can get ” said Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee.

About Arianee

Arianee develops industry driven, open source and decentralized solutions, thanks to cryptographic technology and distributed governance. Arianee gives an authentic, secure and augmented digital representation to valuable objects. This digital certificate creates a perpetual, private by design, communication channel between brands, owners and products.

Arianee believes in giving the power back to consumers, in openness and decentralization, and aims to build permanent relationships between brands and owners.

Amongst Arianee’s advisors are: Eric Darrieus (COO — Balanciaga), Guillaume Boilot (COO — Vacheron Constantin), Patricia Barbizet (Vice chair of the board of directors — Kering), Yann Marie (Global Head of Consumer Engagement — Moët Hennessy) Jean Michel Kientz (SVP & CIO — Fast Retailing) , Fabien Potencier (CEO Sensiolabs, Symphony), Jeremy Bokovza (Lead Dev — Stratis) to name a few.


LUKSO empowers creators of culture, by building the first decentralized ecosystem for new creative economies that enables creators and users to fund, protect, share and trade physical and digital assets. A Digital Ecosystem in which everyone in the creative space can interact, collaborate and transact value freely. LUKSO is a public, programmable, domain- specific Blockchain, which is based on the most advanced smart contract protocol, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Amongst LUKSO’s advisors are: Dr. Berndt Hauptkorn (President Europe at CHANEL, formerly CEO UNIQLO Europe and Principal of the BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP), Péter Szilágyi (Core Developer Ethereum), Caroline Drucker (Head of Strategic Partnerships EMEA, Instagram), David Fischer (Founder and CEO, Highsnobiety), Rajeev Aikkara (VP Digital Technology, Burberry), Daniel Heaf (VP/GM Global Direct Digital Commerce, Nike), Tom Florio (Founder and CEO, ENTTech Media Group) and René Célestin (Founder and CEO, OBO).

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