10 destinations to see in Asia before you die

The word Asia springs to mind warmth, colors, welcoming people and rich culture. Many people travel to Asia in search of adventure, local cultures, history, untouched land or even food. Irrespective of what you are looking for, Asia can be all of that!

We have compiled 10 destinations to see in Asia before you die. How many of these have you seen already?


This little red dot proves to the entire world that size doesn’t matter. This bustling cosmopolitan city offers world class living environment, mouth-watering food, best healthcare facility, superior shopping and a high amount of outdoor activity. It’s also a place with a ubiquitous collage of cultures, where people of different ethnicity and beliefs coexist. A rich social stew, Singapore is anything but boring.

Hong Kong

From a small fishing village in the 1800’s to a cosmopolitan metropolis, Hong Kong is a city of many contrasts. Enjoy the panorama from Victoria Peak, witness the stunning harbor, and enjoy a bowl of beef noodles sitting on a plastic stool on the sidewalk. This striking and chaotic place which is safe and very well organized might shake you off your comfort zone but in a good way!


If history interests you, head to Beijing, China. One of the world’s greatest ancient capitals, Beijing brims with culture and history marrying the ancient and the modern in its vast, fascinating metropolis. Forbidden City, Great Wall of China and Ming tombs are few of this city’s attractions. This monstrous city with 20 million locals is also a heaven for shoppers and foodaholics.

Phi Phi Islands

If your idea of a perfect holiday is to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in front of sandy beaches and crystal clear water, Phi Phi island is for you. 30 miles southeast of Phuket in the province of Krabi, Thailand, this island is achingly beautiful. One of its six islands is free from human inhabitants and the other has no roads to access. Remember the Danny Boyle’s film ‘The Beach’, starring Leonardo Di Caprio? Do you wonder who the real hero is? We think its Phi Phi 😉

Phnom Penh

One of the South East Asia cities with well-preserved remnants of the French colonization, Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. This vibrant bustling city is also a gateway to the temples of Angkor Wat, beaches in the south coast, world heritage sites and the largest religious complex in the world. A few days stay is required to experience this gem. Why don’t you slow down, walk around, breathe in, experience and get lost a little bit?


If you are expecting striking neon lights, crowded subway stations, dominating tall buildings concealing the sky, tiring pace and lots and lots of people, this place might surprise you, pleasantly. A city with modern living and antiquated manners, fast cars, high-tech gadgets and cute mascots, Tokyo, Japan is a fascinating mixture of bustle and serenity.


This quaint yet chaotic city is full of life and inspiring energy that will make you fall in love instantly. Exuding a laid back old world charm, get ready to be surrounded by stampeding cycles, mopeds, and persistent street vendors. The aroma of delicate and delicious street food will draw you. The best way to explore is by foot. Keep a map closer to avoid getting lost.


Planning a trip to Seoul can be challenging due to its language barrier. Generally regarded as an expensive destination, there are ways and means to travel on a budget. This modern and vibrant city is filled with Skyscrapers, street markets, temples, fancy boutiques and itty-bitty shops that sell, almost everything. Seoul is also a perfect destination for a girls only trip. Time to get pampered ladies.


A fascinating blend of the East and the west, Penang also called the pearl of the orient is a modern yet traditional paradise with no shortage of natural beauty. A melting pot of cultures, religions, and food makes this UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site fondly regarded as the food capital. If you are a history buff, beach bum or a nature enthusiast, Penang has something for you.


Sigiriya or the Lion rock is an astonishing feat of engineering. A massive rock amidst lush green forest stands over 200 meters tall featuring frescoes, graffiti, and landscaped gardens in the middle of Sri Lanka. The ruins of the Sigiriya Rock fortress provides a rare glimpse of the opulence and grandeur of an ancient era. Sigiriya holds a special place in Sri Lanka’s cultural history.

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Originally published at ichiqoo.com on May 17, 2017.