RoboKrypto: The world’s first Social Networking Crypto Trading Platform

With the volatility of cryptocurrencies on the rise, traders from all walks of life are keen to cash in on the action. However, most entrants into the crypto trading space at the moment are still missing out on the vital social dimension that can make or break a trader’s career.

If you are just getting started as a crypto trader, learning and copying the trades of expert traders is the best way to go about realizing gains fast. There is also a great opportunity in joining crypto trading forums, where you can learn from the collective experience of other traders in the market or catch a trend before it dies out.

However, most social trading platforms are limited in terms of the tools and resources that they offer to their users. This is where RoboKrypto comes in.

What is RoboKrypto?

RoboKrypto is the first of its kind social trading platform for the crypto space. As the world’s first social networking platform dedicated to crypto trading, RoboKrypto comes with a host of features all geared towards making the average crypto trader better, more informed, and more successful.

Founded by a team of experts with tonnes of experience in the digital world, ranging from email marketing to blockchain technology and even digital currency trading, RoboKrypto is uniquely positioned to take on the challenge of making crypto trading a breeze.

RoboKrypto’s social networking trading platform features insightful knowledge of the current state of the market, an advanced aggregated crypto news system full of articles from all over the internet, and a coin indicator for placing traders at the right time.

As if that is not enough, RoboKrypto also features an NFT collection of digital art characters called KryptoBots. With over 2,000 KryptoBot NFTs up for grabs, stakeholders can diversify their portfolios for even more gains.

RoboKrypto Features

So far, the RoboKrypto team is done with the first stage of their project’s roadmap, which includes the complete development of the social networking aspect of their platform, integrating the Binance API, beta testing the system, and creating NFTs for the ecosystem, among other aspects.

The team is now hard at work on the second stage, which focuses on adding more features to make the platform even more user-friendly and informative, not to mention launching an NFT sale.

The end goal is to have a one-stop shop for all your crypto trading needs. In the meantime, here are some of the features that make RoboKrypto the best social trading platform on the market at the moment.

Charts and Graphs

As a trader, you need to be able to track the progress of your investments. The charts and graphs on RoboKrypto give users an overview of how their positions are doing in the market. The interface is also designed to be as user-friendly as possible so that even newbies can understand what is going on.

This is a crucial feature for any trading platform because it allows users to gauge the risk involved in taking a certain position. With RoboKrypto, you can be sure that you always have your finger on the pulse of the market.

An Intuitive User Interface

The user interface is another important aspect of any social trading platform. After all, what is the point of having all the features in the world if the average trader can not figure out how to use them?

With RoboKrypto, you can create a profile and have other crypto traders follow you. You can also gain a following the more you create a reputation for being a good trader. The platform also makes it easy to find insightful knowledge on the current state of the market by reading posts inside the community portal.

The team is also constantly working on making the platform even more user-friendly so that anyone can use it with ease.

Newsfeed Functionality

The newsfeed feature on RoboKrypto is designed to keep users up-to-date with all the latest happenings in the world of cryptocurrency. This is crucial for any social trading platform because it allows users to make informed decisions about their trades.

With the newsfeed, you can read articles from all over the internet about the latest developments in the world of blockchain and digital assets. You can also get insights into what other traders are saying about certain coins. This is a great way to stay on top of the market and make sure that you are always making the right decisions.

The Advanced Coin Indicator

The coin indicator is a feature that allows users to see which coins are hot at the moment. This is a great way to find out which coins are worth investing in and which ones are not. With the coin indicator on RoboKrypto, you can reap the benefit of catching a bullish or bearish trend by placing your trades at the right time. When it’s time to exit a trade, RoboKrypto’s coin indicator also has you covered, as it will give you a heads up on the best time to sell.

Copy Trading

RoboKrypto’s copy trading aspect is by far its most unique and innovative feature. With this feature, you can automatically copy the trades of other successful traders on the platform. This is a great way to make money without having to do all the research yourself.

With copy trading, you can set your risk tolerance and the amount of money you want to invest. The platform will then automatically copy the trades of other traders who fit your criteria.

This is an amazing feature for anyone who wants to get into social trading but doesn’t have the time to do all the research themselves.

Full Integration with the Binance API

The Binance API is a set of programming instructions that allow trading software to interact with the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. These APIs can be used for setting up automated trades or getting access to market data.

With the RoboKrypto platform, users can take advantage of all the features that the Binance exchange has to offer. This includes being able to place trades, track your portfolio, and get insights into the market at the click of a button. What’s more, you can automatically place a trade on RoboKrypto whenever someone you follow opens a position. This is a great way to copy the trades of successful traders and make profits yourself.


The RoboKrypto team is currently at work on an NFT project called KryptoBots NFTs. This is a collection of 2000 NFTs that will be released into five different categories. Each NFT will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain and will represent a different digital artistic depiction of a robot.

The project is still in its early stages, but it shows the commitment of the team to exploring new technologies and offering their users new ways to trade and invest.

The floor price of a RoboKrypto NFT is currently set at 0.1 ETH.


Given the features it offers crypto traders, RoboKrypto is a platform to watch. As cryptocurrencies continue to become a popular investment sector, enthusiasts and traders are bound to ask for more tools and resources to help them leverage the power of decentralized finance. RoboKrypto is on track toward helping crypto traders and investors diversify their wealth thanks to its provision of an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution.




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