Working at greater depths needs equipment that meets subsea requirements

Despite the prolonged downturn in the price of oil over the past three years, the oil and gas industry continues to search for hydrocarbons in ever more challenging environments, placing increased demands on subsea equipment as greater depths are explored and longer step outs are attempted.

While deepwater developments may have experienced a significant setback due to low commodity prices in recent times, cost and operational efficiencies generated in the offshore and deepwater sector during the current hiatus have led forecasters to predict an impending increase in activity.

A major element in this revival of the subsea sector will be the services provided by the supply chain in product support, specifically in subsea, umbilical, flowline and riser (SURF) technologies.

ACE Winches is ideally positioned to provide such support. The company has developed and delivers the highest standards of deck machinery equipment to cater for the SURF markets. Its record in the provision of back deck services is unrivalled, and its innovative, versatile and bespoke project solutions improve quality, increase efficiency and help reduce costs.

The reel deal

As an example, ACE Winches designed, engineered and manufactured a package of pneumatic winches and umbilical reelers for Oceaneering as part of a planned rental fleet of installation and workover control systems (IWOCS) equipment for shallow water developments in the North Sea.

The equipment delivered by ACE Winches included four ACE 1.5te WLL pneumatic umbilical reelers, two of which were for electro-hydraulic umbilicals and two for hydraulic umbilicals; two ACE 0.5te WLL pneumatic umbilical reelers for electric umbilicals and five ACE 5te SWL pneumatic drum winches.

The DNV-approved package was designed to provide the necessary electric and hydraulic control signals and connections to the tree and downhole functions required during a well installation or workover.

The ACE offering

The company provides a broad range of products and services to assist the subsea sector.

ACE spooling winches are designed to enable the installation or removal of wire, rope or umbilicals from winches or storage reels under constant back tension.

ACE Manufacturing, a turnkey solution provider covering the design, manufacture, testing and installation of high quality bespoke winching equipment and deck machinery, supplies spooling winches which are available as electric, hydraulic and air driven units. Smaller units are supplemented with external HPUs while unit capacities of 50Te or higher have integrated power systems.

The company’s wire and umbilical spooling product range also includes a variety of traction capstan winches, which are designed to add tension when spooling reels of wire, rope or umbilical. All ACE spooling winches and traction capstan winches are designed and built to perform within specified and approved parameters.

ACE Winches hire fleet is one of the world’s largest winch rental fleets which are deployed on a global basis to support oil and gas operations being undertaken around the world, while the company’s engineers and operators are qualified and highly experienced in lifting, pulling, deployment operations and the commissioning of the company’s specialized back deck machinery.

In addition, the company offers a range of service contracts, upgrades and commissioning services for clients requiring the overhaul of existing winch packages whether originally supplied by ACE or any third party. Finally, the ACE Winch Academy offers certified courses covering winching or spooling operations as well as a range of workshops for safe working with hydraulic equipment.


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