Why The Philippines Is Still The Leading BPO Call Center Provider

Since the Philippines overtook India and became the new call center capital of the world a few years ago, the Philippine economy and its citizens have generally been on an upward path of growth. The IT-BPM industry of the Philippines is now responsible for being the country’s second major income-generating industry. Philippine government officials are expecting that the industry can also overtake the country’s number one source of income, which is the remittance of its roughly two million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Years after the proclamation that the Philippines is the new leader in BPO call center services, it appears that the country is showing no signs of slowing down or relinquishing its title to another country anytime soon. The following is a list of reasons why the Philippines is still the leading BPO call center provider in the world today:

  1. Filipino agents are still among the most preferred agents of business owners worldwide. Many foreign employers and outsourcing experts agree that Filipino professionals are competent, hardworking and highly skilled in so many areas. This is why outsourcing a BPO call center from the Philippines is a popular and effective strategy for cost-effectiveness. The young Filipino professionals who work in the BPO call center industry generally possess world-class customer service skills, high fluency of the English language, impressive work ethic, adequate knowledge of Western culture, quick training, and basically everything that you need in a call center representative. This impressive mix of qualities all contribute to the Filipino being at the top of mind for many foreign business owners.
  2. The Philippines has proven to be a reliable, safe and secure outsourcing location. Outsourcing a BPO call center from the Philippines gives foreign business owners confidence and peace of mind because of the relatively stable quality of the Philippine government and society, particularly the areas where majority of the BPOs and call centers are located. The country has a growing number of bustling business districts equipped with the latest technologies, which the BPO call center industry relies heavily on. The Filipino workforce and their technological capital help maintain the Philippines’ top spot as the leading BPO call center.
  3. The Philippine government’s solid support for the industry continues to attract many foreign investors and business owners. It is a widely-known fact that the Philippine government has been pouring its resources and support to nurture the growth of the IT-BPM industry, which the BPO call center companies fall under. The government has been aggressive in marketing the Philippines as a prime BPO call center outsourcing location, and has not wavered in showing their support for the industry. They offer subsidized training and short courses for the aspiring call center agents. They offer incentives such as tax exemptions and simpler importation processes to the foreign investors. Knowing that the national government is very supportive of the industry helps in keeping the Philippines’ positive reputation as a secure, world leader in the BPO call center business industry.

The Filipino talent, secure society and solid government support to the BPO call center industry in the Philippines are three main reasons why the Philippines is still the leading provider of BPO call center services.