What exactly is an Action-Oriented, rather an Action-Packed Resume


These are three words, which each one of us has heard. Emanating from the world of showbiz; these three words that direct the lives and actions of those behind the silver screen, those who have action-packed lives. It’s about getting the same perspective and letting these words guide you. It’s about being the director and lead actor of your life and your career!

You can do this by asking yourself what YOU are doing in your life. What is that part of your day that you OWN and is YOUR contribution to the story of your lives?

As a student, job seeker, professional, homemaker, you are adding experiences to your life each day, it is important to understand what YOU are doing to make those experiences count. Because it is the actions YOU take that count, it is your actions that you have got to include on your profile (Resume/CV/LinkedIn Profile). When you sell yourself, you have to have things to tell, have your own story and script ready to be told. Think of the recruiter as a producer, and if as a director you’d pitch your script to him, what are the chances that he’d invest in you? Ask this yourself every now and then and then decide whether an experience is worth being added to your life or not!

Getting to business, let’s say that you have few a experiences to choose from:

Sales & Distribution Manager

  • Part of a sales team involved in turnaround of regional sales and distribution network
  • Distribution strength increased

Sales & Distribution Manager

  • Led a 10-member sales team in turnaround of regional sales and distribution network;
  • Reorganized distribution structure and incentive programme, achieved 17% market share growth within 10 months
  • Increased distribution strength by over 41%; added over 414 retailers within 3 months of operations

Which one would you PRODUCE? I’d produce the second script. That sounds more promising to me. So would you, I am sure! So which Sales and Distribution Manager would you recruit?

Always remember how you cannot be in a supporting role in your own life unless it is a crucial one. Even in it, strive to make a mark and soon get yourself to the next level and be the lead actor in your career and life, at large.

Life is easier and more fun & exciting when it is in your control! When you live each moment like it is a “Lights. Camera. Action.” moment, life is good, you feel like a celebrity. After all, Shakespeare has rightly said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts…” Make sure each part is your Bloody BEST!

Have an Action-Packed Career & Life ahead. And Get your Script ready!

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Originally published at blog.vmock.com.

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