SAP SuccessFactors analytics go from Thinking to Knowing

HR is no more seen as a department just bringing candidates in the company but with time it has evolved into one of the most important assets of the company. Moreover, with the advancement in the technology, there are a number of HR Software which is being used for enhancing and boosting the performance of the HR activities. One such blessing that has evolved with time for the HR sector is SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP SuccessFactors with its amazing features and functionalities have been adopted by many companies. The companies have seen a tremendous increase in their working efficiency with the power of the analytics of the SuccessFactors. The management level has been observing the analytics of the SuccessFactors and has been using the same for making some important and essential decisions for the company. Here are some of the areas which the analytics of SuccessFactors changed from just thinking about to actually knowing the fact. Let us start:

1. Increased efficiency: The analytics data observed from the SuccessFactors is utilized by the management to increase their efficiency. The insights of the software help the authorities to analysis the required data which can be used in knowing the flaws and thereby increasing the efficiency of the company’s actions.

2. Enhanced performance: The analytics that the management gets from the SuccessFactors database and records is also used for enhancing the performance of the employees. The data is observed on a daily or monthly basis and the shortcomings are observed time to time which is also told to the concerned person so that it could be worked on. In this manner, the shortcomings or flaws in the performance can be reduced and the desired performance can be achieved.

3. Understanding the basic requirements: The analytical data collected by SAP SuccessFactors can also be used in knowing the basic requirements of the particular tasks or duty. There are a number of tasks that have to done and all the various tasks have different requirements. Thus, with the analytical data of the SuccessFactors you can get the idea of the basic requirements which are needed.

4. Finding the candidate’s strengths: If the analytical data is observed during and post the interview session then it will be a great help in knowing the strengths and weakness of the candidate. The timely assessments and training that is observed by the candidate reveal a lot about his or her personality along with specifying the positives and negatives in the personality of the person.

5. Performance analysis: Now you don’t have to be dependent on any external help for thinking about the details or the qualities in someone’s performance. The insights and analytical data of the SAP SuccessFactors can be used for analyzing the performance of the employee. It will give you a clear idea about how the employee is fulfilling the duties and tasks assigned to him.

6. Performance management: The performance of the employees can also be managed very well with the SAP SuccessFactors analytics. It can be used for keeping the track of the various details like attendance, time, projects, disciplines, etc. of the employee and thus helps the management level in getting a clear picture about the behavior of the employee in the organization. Thus, it is now possible to know the exact situation rather than thinking about the same.

7. Analyzing the insights: For the efficient working of the company, it is very important that the company gets the required information about its competitors, projects, etc. on time. But the most important information that the company requires is about the performance of its employees and this can be extracted by the SAP SuccessFactors analytics.

8. Better decision making: When the company’s management has all the required data with them, they get a clear idea about the present situation and make the right decisions for the future.