Protecting your business’s assets

When considering how to protect your business and its assets, you need to identify the threats and your vulnerabilities.

You’ll need to decide what:

· security improvements to make

· type of security and contingency plans to develop

For companies, simple good risk management practice (including vigilance and contingency arrangements) may be all that is needed. Others may feel more vulnerable to attack and so should apply protective security measures to reduce the risk.

Security planning

Effective security plans are simple, clear and flexible, but also compatible with existing plans, such as evacuation plans and fire safety strategies. Plans need to be reviewed and tested regularly.

Everyone must be clear about what they need to do in response to a particular incident.

You must consider:

· details of all the protective security measures that could be implemented, covering physical, information and personnel security

· instructions on how to respond to a threat (such as a telephoned bomb threat) or the discovery of a suspicious item or event

· a search plan

· evacuation plans and details on securing your premises in the event of a full evacuation

· your business continuity plan

· a communications and media strategy, which includes handling enquiries from concerned family and friends.

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