A product perspective from the front line

People of all ages are increasingly using social networks to learn about and purchase an array of products. Companies will likely target one demographic in particular: millennials. As Forbes reported last year, 64 percent of millennials say they are likely to become loyal to brands that engage sincerely with them on social media.

FunnelAI formed to connect businesses to their customers in real time and take advantage of recent purchasing and influencing trends. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, we identify social platform users who ask publicly about a product or service and helps businesses engage them. In this sense, AI might be a misnomer for what FunnelAI really achieves: human to human connections that generate sales and drive growth.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a cliché in the startup world. As a partner at the RealCo long term accelerator in San Antonio, I have come across a series of companies who claim to deploy the technology in any number of ways. And yet, many are unable to deliver the results they promise,” Chris Saum said.

Saum highlighted the advantage FunnelAI auto dealer partners experience: given the recent decline in the reliability of conventional lead generation services, auto dealers are realizing the importance of shifting to a more efficient technology .

“After working with FunnelAI founder and CEO Sri Kamma to help sell the product, I realized how businesses of all kinds can harness the power of social platforms in ways they never thought possible,” Saum explained.

Other industries can also use FunnelAI’s technology to optimize their sales funnel. FunnelAI is now empowering companies with AI in fitness, home repair, construction, cybersecurity, and real estate. Because of the trend in social media users asking for recommendations and help online, many other industries stand to benefit.

As FunnelAI continuously improves algorithms to connect people searching for products and services in real time with businesses, we will help a variety of companies grow. Learn more about the company and schedule a demo to see how FunnelAI can help you find your next customer.