How to engage with prospective customers on social media

Interacting with your customers has shifted tremendously in recent years. Rather than meeting in offices during business hours, most companies regularly meet and interact with their customers online.

In fact, many people are using social platforms to ask for reviews of products, answers to questions about companies, and where to receive the best service. Engaging with customers online is becoming an excellent route to a company’s growth.

As Forbes reported last year, 64 percent of millennials say they are likely to become loyal to brands that engage sincerely with them on social platforms. However, many companies searching for ways to interact with their companies online get it wrong.

It is a delicate balancing act: remaining friendly and knowledgeable while simultaneously promoting your company’s product or service. While FunnelAI helps connect businesses find the people with the intent to purchase their product or service, the businesses must be personable representatives online with those customers in order to close deals.

In other words, companies must use their human intelligence in concert with the AI help we provide. Here are a few recommendations for when you reach out to prospects.

  1. Subject-matter expertise comes first. When you reach out to customers online, we have found that our customers experience the best results when they answer the specifics of questions well, rather than foregrounding their position in a company. For example, if a customer asks a detailed question about how best to backup their small business’ files, the best response from a company that provides those services would begin with a discussion of the issues. Afterwards, the company representative should say the merits of purchasing their company’s service. The interaction should begin with knowledge to give, rather than a product to sell.
  2. Bring a community spirit. Social platforms and forums (ideally) are community-based spaces. Your attitude as a representative of a company should be that of an active and regular participant in the community you enter. How can you bring a community spirit to online interactions? One way to ensure such a spirit is by approaching the interactions as a problem solver who simply wants to help people resolve their questions.
  3. Don’t be cold. It is important to strike the right tone in person and online. If you begin by offering them a deal with a pre-written script and disregard a person’s concerns, it is unlikely to result in a sale. Begin with a warm introduction, address the person’s question or recommendation, and even point them to reviews of your company’s service.

AI might be a misnomer for what FunnelAI really achieves: human to human connections that generate sales and drive growth. Businesses of all kinds can harness the power of social platforms in ways they never thought possible.

As FunnelAI continuously improves algorithms to connect people searching for products and services in real time with businesses, we will help a variety of companies grow. Learn more about our company and schedule a demo to see how FunnelAI can help you find your next customer.