The Legend of Act 2 by Jay Electronica

The most amazing album since Y2K. This will be told in oral story form. Get your facts elsewhere.

So the story goes that nobody had the energy of Biggie and Big Pun for decades. Here we are 2010. We were in a dark age of hip hop. Our best was Wayne and he didn’t care much about rap. The youth were coming, as a young unknown TDE record label cultivated K. Dot. J.Cole waited in the rain for Jay Z. Weeknd released the greatest mixtapes. Wiz, Gibbs, it was a moment. …

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Accountability of Information Platforms

Twitter & Facebook Must Act Now Or Harm Their Brands

There is a major gap between the word responsible and how the platforms are responsive. Disasters are good things. They help us see the weak points in our systems which leads to better systems. If we could detatch emotions completely, it would be viewed as a beneficiary process.

I can assure you that the platforms will be held accountable for their actions.

One does not simply organize militias on a platform, and that platform escapes unscathed. …


Marketing Atom McCree

Digital Marketing Strategist & Sociologist. Focused on Future, AR, Freelance Marketing, Remote Work. Degree in Sociology & Communications. Election 2020

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