5 ways to promote the award you won

This month, we’ll see a rush of winners in Rio. But have you thought about what you would do if your business won an award? Of course, you’d want to shout about it, but do you know where to get started? You worked hard to win and now’s the time to reap the rewards. If you’re struggling to think of ways to tell people about your big win, here are five to get you started.

1. Write a blog post

Remember all the effort you made to enter the award in the first place? Sometimes application processes for awards can be tough, and those who finish them really do mean business. So, turn your experience about applying for the award into a blog post. Not only can you talk about how you managed to complete the application (in between running your business), but you can also give people tips that you learned along the way.

Once you’ve written your post, offer it to the award organisers. They will love seeing how one of their successful applicants applied for the award and will also share it, knowing it will help future applicants.

2. Tell your email list

Send a special, one-off email to their list. They are your fans and care about what’s going on with your business. Don’t forget to include a link to the blog post you wrote. They can get a glimpse of what you did in the application process and understand why winning is so important for you.

You could even give your list a free gift to celebrate your win. It doesn’t have to be big. If you’re in retail or ecommerce, you could give a small discount. If you sell to other businesses, the gift could be a free guide or even a free place on an event you’re running. Think about what they would find valuable.

3. Update your website

One place that most people forget about is their website. If you have a scrolling banner, then add a picture announcing your big win. Again, link it to the blog post you wrote, giving people the chance to read about your journey and understand why the award is important for your business.

Awards add credibility, especially if they recognise your expertise or the quality of your products. Adding an announcement to your website helps new visitors in their decision making. Who wouldn’t want to work with or buy from an award winner?

4. Shout on social media

Whilst I don’t advocate making every post about the award you won, there are some great ways to promote your win. One of these is creating a special cover photo making the announcement. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all allow for cover photos. It’s an important piece of real estate on your page, so make the most of it.

Whilst you shouldn’t make all your posts on social media about your win, a few, excited posts are perfectly acceptable. Again, make the most of the blog post you wrote by linking to it. And try a couple of different ways to announce. You could use a straightforward “Really excited to announce we won!” to “Read our tips on how to apply for and win an award”.

5. Involve your team

This is a biggie. If you have staff, one great way to promote your wins is to involve them. I’m sure that on winning your award, you’ll want to celebrate with them. Whatever you decide to do, take photos of your celebration. People love seeing behind-the-scenes photos and this is a great way to share more about your team.

But don’t stop there. If you think of your team as your extended marketing team, imagine how much further the promotion of your win could go.

What would make it easy for them to talk about your win? Create a special email signature they can add to their emails, linking it to your blog post. Give them a list of social posts that you would like them to use over Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you give them the tools they need to promote your win, I can guarantee they’ll do it. Remember, they’ll be just as excited as you at winning.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas you can use to promote your award win and how you extend the reach of your marketing by getting your team involved. If you’d like more tips about how to get your team behind other marketing efforts, download my free guide.

Originally published at Marketing by Minal.

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