Is it possible to reduce the size of your page to as little as 1KB? Rebake is a new page builder that claims it can do exactly that, without any compression or quality loss. Particularly nowadays, around half of all web traffic comes from mobile. And you and I both know, that sometimes sites simply don’t load as fast on mobile as they might on your desktop computer with a stable internet connection. The result? A bad user experience and terrible conversion rates! If you are using page builders for your marketing and landing pages, then you might find Rebake quite interesting:

Yet ANOTHER page builder? Page builders are a dime a dozen, but there is a page builder launching soon that claims to be different in all aspects. This page builder is called Rebake App. Rebake App has a Patent pending technology that makes your pages lighting fast. And as we all know speed is a key factor when it comes to conversions…Keep reading:
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