Less expectations and more exploration

Hi there,

My name is Shivankit and I just fell in love with Medium. To give you a brief, I live in Delhi, India, I am 24 years old and I run an exciting startup company.

I have always given myself challenges and expectations to overcome those challenges.
May it be getting those clients in business, running those extra miles in the morning or even getting drunk to an extreme.

However, what I have realized is that the more you set expectations for yourself, the more you become a slave to them and once they are not fulfilled (things hardly go as you plan), you can go crazy.

You might relate to some of these expectations:

  1. Loosing those extra pounds but never doing what’s required
  2. If you run a startup like me, a common expectation is getting those clients, those website traffic numbers, those customers but problems coming in between all the time
  3. Finding the perfect partner or expecting perfection in your existing partner(when you can’t even find perfection in yourself)

In all such cases, you can tie yourself mentally to them and finally only one of the following happens

  1. You end up achieving those expectations and life is happy
  2. Something screws up and the expectations are not fulfilled (you’ll agree this happens more). In this case, all you can think of is all the bad stuff that happened to you and how you deserve more. Or you can also end up blaming yourself, having self-pity or hatred towards yourself.

In any case, all of this sucks!

Something slowly dawned on me that we waste too much time in setting and thinking about our expectations.

Whereas, we should be focused on doing things and taking life as an adventure, an exploration to see what’s next in store for us.

As a startup entrepreneur, it’s super difficult for me to move without expectations but I think I am going to try it and just flow with things.

It feels much more lighter, enthusiastic and delightful.

Have you tried this yet? I’d love to know.