6 Manual data entry challenges faced by businesses

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Nov 8, 2017 · 3 min read

Many of the businesses believe that despite data being a crucial aspect to arrive at informed decisions, paper will soon be unacceptable and digitization of documents will be adopted to improve the productivity and efficiency of business functions. Accordingly, manual data entry services will also go on to rise in demand.

With volumes of data available in forms of financial documents, purchase orders, invoices, catalogs, feedback documents etc., it is inevitable that all these data be captured into the required software systems. This could be time consuming and equally challenging. Let’s see how to go about it, here:

Increase in errors: The source of error for a data entry could be manifold ranging from inefficient staff, human mistakes, illegibility of handwriting in the documents, misinterpreting the suggestions and so on. Overall, these would go on to leave a negative impact on the functioning of the businesses as well as on customer satisfaction. Hence, it is best to take a section of the data and focus on entering it flawlessly, without making any errors. Then can go on to the next set of data to be entered. The benchmark given for data entry errors is 1% and anything beyond could be detrimental for businesses.

Delivery time exceeds the expected time: Now, most companies may have a benchmark for the turnaround time for the data to be entered. However, if it falls short of this mark, the manual data entry process may become more challenging. For the data to be of use, it should not just be relevant or accurate but should also be valid and delivered on time. Also, the data entry specialists should be able to fully comprehend the data to be entered in a short span of time, so that it can be entered accurately.

The fields to enter data maybe unclear and may need formatting: One of the major issues faced while entering data is the missing values. Leaving field blank or giving useless or invalid alternatives could result in chaos rather than giving the desired output. Hence, the need for easy to comprehend fields to enter data.

Regular quality checks should be made: It is always easier to check the data for accuracy, at the time of entering it rather than to process and clean it up halfway through or after its been entered completely. This gives emphasis on the need for quality data checks in place during the manual data entry process.

May have huge volume of data to enter: Most of the businesses especially e-commerce may have huge volume of data to enter; either those captured from catalogs or could be the purchase order details entered for manufacturing companies. The sudden surge of work in data entry could also put pressure on manual data entry specialists, thus also resulting in more errors.

Businesses may lose focus from the core responsibilities: Seeing as how manual data entry process is not part of a core company function, focusing on it is sure to cause businesses to concentrate more on non-core responsibilities rather than on their primary objective.

From above, you can thus infer that though entering data manually is fraught with challenges, it can be managed successfully, if these tips are catered to properly. You can also choose to outsource manual data entry services to a reliable partner, who will focus on delivering quality service in a short span of time, while also focusing on these tips for best results.

More clarifications send mail inquiry to sales@outsourcedataworks.com

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