Measure Engagement Rate of your website

Engagement rate is one of the majorly important metrics to study if you want to study how well the people are engaging with your website. This will help you in understanding if your website is providing value to your viewers. Here are a few ways by which you can Measure Engagement Rate of your website.

Time spent on the website

You can check the time spent on the website by checking out the duration of a visitor session in Google Analytic. The more time the users spend on your website indicates how engaging the readers find your content on the website. To get a better understanding check out the peaks and valleys in the graphs.

Page per visit during a session.

This metric will help you in understanding that how many pages did the visitor visited in a single session. The aim here is to again understand how engaging the content is on the website and on which page did the visitor closed the website. You need to work on that page and make it more engaging.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the % of users that visit one page only before leaving the website. Your bounce rate should be as minimum as possible. The design of the website also has a huge impact on the bounce rate of the website.

The bounce rate of is 2.33%

Display Time

Time to display should be minimum so that viewers get all the right content in front of them and the engagement cycle is not broken.

Conversion Rate

It is the percentage of visitors on a website who signed the form or made a purchase. This will give you a clear picture about the engagement rate of your website.