Take A Tour Of Magical Lopud Island

Croatia is one of the most beautiful of nations in Eastern Europe surrounded by amazing natural beauty. There are many beautiful places to visit in this tiny nation with Lopud Island being one of the most magnificent natural sites in Croatia. Just a short ferry or boat ride from the capital Dubrovnik, Lopud Island is situated midway between two islands Kalamota and Sipan.

Lopud Island has an Adriatic look and feel to it being rich in subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation, with citrus gardens, pine parks and cypress trees that dot its amazing landscape. In fact when Dubrovnik was a Republic this area was a favourite destination with noble families. The island has been an area renowned for producing great seafarers like the famous captain Miho Pracat who has monument dedicated to his memory. Its captivating natural beauty has made it popular with tourists who visit Dubrovnik. There are some great luxury hotels to stay at when in the area.

One such fabulous five star hotel to stay on Lopud is the Lafodia Sea Resort hotel, which offers the finest of luxury and facilities on the island. It is close to Sunj beach which is spread all across the bay. The water is perfect for all kinds of water sports and just knee deep for as far as 100metres. The favourite local Croatian water sport of Picigin is very popular here. The beaches in the area dubbed as the Dubrovnik Riviera are known for their clear and warm waters like the Mediterranean. The island makes for a great location to explore on foot.

As per historic records of Dubrovnik, Lopud was once home to about 30 churches, several monasteries, a larger population and numerous summer manors of the wealthy. Nowadays on the island visitors will find historical remains of medieval manors, churches and military fortifications built to defend the island. Visitors can also drop in at a Franciscan monastery that has been there since 1483, which features an ornate cloister as well as an imposing defence tower. The Franciscan monastery is home to numerous valuable art creations exhibited in its church of St. Mary of Spilica. Here you will work of prominent European artists of the likes of Girolama da Santacroce, Bassana, Nikola Bozidarevic among others. There also is the Church of Our Lady of Sunj that has a number of valuable artworks and is a cultural monument.

Travelling to Lopud is very convenient as there are a number of ferry services that visit the island from the Port of Gruz in Dubrovnik. To make the experience more exciting for adventure seekers there are boat cruises and kayaking tours as well. A visit to Lopud Island is definitely an unforgettable experience