Do The Right Thing

Have you ever bought something you’ve been really looking forward to trying? You held it in your hands for the first time and you’re all bubbly inside because you just can’t wait to give it a spin? Maybe you saved up for it, maybe you had to wait in line or maybe you had to wait until it was on sale before you could afford it. Then finally you got it.

And it sucked. Big time. First comes the disbelief. Is this it? Can’t be. They said…(insert super inflated hype here). Then the anger kicks in. What the? You feel like you’ve been had. Suckered. You feel like hitting back. Maybe you do. And then as a little of the anger subsides you feel hurt, disappointed. Why? How can they do this? How can they be allowed to do this?

Sound familiar? If you’re human it most likely does. See we go through a lot of this. As consumers. As citizens. As voters. There’s just so so much of this going around. In politics, in business and in our lives.

Don’t be one of them that add to the crap. Do the right thing.