Me Me Match 3 Jam: Branded Minions Game for Movie Promotion

Working with Chiquita Brands International and Universal Pictures has truly been an honor and a privilege. After all, it is not everyday that you get to team up with two of the largest brands in the world today.

Especially on a project that involves something as enjoyable as games. The HTML5 games we created for co-promoting Chiquita Bananas and Despicable Me 3 are proverbial feathers on our cap.

We started giving an account of this creative journey with the first game in the series, Banana Frenzy. We continued the story with the second game, an endless runner called Minions Banana Hop. This third and final installment is all about Me Me Match 3 Jam.

Me Me Match 3 Jam Gameplay

The game’s title alludes to the Minions’ penchant for repeatedly shouting “Me! Me!” every time there is a need for a volunteer on any task.

The match-3 mechanics of the game require the alignment of 3 or more similar items to eliminate them from the board and score. The items are the various characters in Despicable Me. These include Gru and his kids Margo, Edith, and Agnes, as well as Lucy and of course some Minions.

Players have to clear a given number of tiles of some of the characters before they can move on to the next round. They have to try and reach the best score within the imposed time limit. Helping them along the way are bananas, which when clicked, clear a large area of tiles.

Watch a clip of the game in action below:

Game Reskinning

As with the two other games in the project, Me Me Match 3 Jam was developed using a reskinning process.

Our client selected one of our pre-existing match-3 games called Candy Jam. We then modified it to incorporate artwork, music, and sound that are distinct to the brands of interest.

This technique is a time-saving and cost-effective way to produce brilliant games for marketing and promotion.

Engaging the Consumers

HTML5 games are a fun and interactive way for brands to engage target consumers online. They provide visitors to campaign websites rich and engrossing content.

And this is achieved in a smooth way since the game is embedded in the website itself. The users do not need to go to an app store to download the game. Since HTML5 games are written in a the standard language that browsers speak, players do not have to install any plugins or extensions.


Despicable Me is a movie franchise beloved by many. Chiquita bananas are the most popular fruits in the world. These two brands coming together for one awesome global marketing campaign deserve awesome interactive content.

Web games have given our clients just that. We have helped them achieve goals to engage the target audience. We created games that give consumers a fun and interactive activity, grabbing their attention and heightening interest. These positively influence the conversion funnel.

More and more companies, from small startups to huge global brands, are embracing HTML5 games in their marketing campaigns. Each will have different goals and needs, but they all agree that branded games are a must-have for their brands.

We are always excited to share in our clients’ journeys. Each game we create is a testament to our commitment to help each one of them reach their goals.

We’d really love to hear what yours are. Allow us to help you achieve them with games. Leave us your thoughts on our contact page.

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