Minions Banana Hop HTML5 Game for Chiquita and Despicable Me 3

This is the second part of the story of how we built HTML5 games for Chiquita Brands International and Universal Pictures. Multinational fruit company Chiquita is the largest producer and distributor of bananas in the world.

Chiquita and Universal have partnered in a marketing campaign for the upcoming film Despicable Me 3. The global campaign hinges on collecting Despicable Me 3 stickers from Chiquita bananas, and gives participants chances to win prizes.

The online games were launched on the official website of the Chiquita and Despicable Me 3 co-marketing venture.

In the previous case study, we outlined our experience in developing one of these games, a fruit-slicing game called Banana Frenzy.

Here we pleased to present the second of the three branded games we created for this project: Minions Banana Hop.

Minions Banana Hop Gameplay

Minions Banana Hop falls under the endless runner game genre. As such, the objective of the player is to go as far as possible–down a mountain slope in this case–without any time limit imposed.

The player controls the character, a one-eyed Minion, by tapping on the left or right side of the screen (or pressing the corresponding keyboard arrow keys). Speed is important, since the character dies if the continuously moving game screen catches up with it.

Along the way, the player will encounter various objects that make gameplay more interesting as well as challenging.

  • Bananas — give extra points
  • Spikes — deadly, so time your jump to avoid them
  • Water slides — fun to glide down on, but jump off them in time or lose control
  • Dirt tiles — drop down quickly, don’t stay too long
  • Cracked tiles — fall immediately, avoid at all cost
  • TNT tiles — explode shortly after you jump on them, so jump away quickly
  • Poison — deadly but curable with antidote within 5 seconds
  • Antidote — reverses poison effect
  • Shields — protect from spikes, poison, and explosions
  • Mires — sticky black sludge, jump twice to escape

Below is a video of the game in action:

Game Reskinning

We employed a reskinning technique similar to the development process to create Banana Frenzy. Reskinning (sometimes called rebranding) is a widely used method in the game development industry. It helps minimize turnaround time and production cost.

For Minions Banana Hop, we used the game engine of an existing game that is available for licensing and rebranding. We worked closely with the clients and did extensive research to make sure we incorporate the sensory elements that are essential to their brand.

Games for Digital Marketing

Interactivity is a key ingredient for a successful digital marketing campaign. Games are a perfect way to add a dash of fun and interactive engagement for visitors to your campaign website.

The HTML5 game engine we use is perfect for building cross-platform and highly portable games for websites and portals. Users get a clutter-free experience as they get to instantly play the game right on the webpage, without downloading it from an app store or updating any plugins like Flash.


Our creative journey to provide the best web games for Chiquita and Universal Studios has been very fulfilling.

The HTML5 framework is truly a remarkable technology that allows the development of cross-platform games of superior quality. This at a fraction of the time and budget involved in producing a comparable game with other technology.

We were truly inspired by this client and the many users who have enjoyed and are enjoying the games we built for them.

If you have questions about building HTML5 games for your brand and marketing campaign, feel free to contact us.

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