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Gem4me Market Space
Jun 6, 2018 · 2 min read

In previous publications we have briefly mentioned the CashBack Service. Today we will assess in detail this service on the platform. Gem4me Market Space will let users get Cryptocashback in the form of GMC tokens. Crypto Cashback will be available in one of several ways:

1️. For all purchases executed via Gem4me Market Space. Every Gem4me Market Space vendor is interested in seeing their business grow, here, cashback will benefit both merchants and consumers. Note that users will be able to use GMC tokens obtained this way anywhere; not just in the same store they got cryptocashback from.

2. For all Back4Cash purchases made in any of our 1,000+ Back4Cash affiliate stores. Affiliate cashback can be as high as 45%; to receive it, GMC token holders and/or Gem4me Market Space users simply need to register via or Gem4me/Telegram. Planned Back4cash features include:

▪️ A common, standardized price list that displays items eligible for cashback.
▪️ Smart bots that use geolocation to filter for B4C items
▪️ An API that integrates with outside services to direct users to relevant items, including B4C items.

3. For all online and offline purchases. This additional cryptocashback ranges from 0.05% to 0.1%, and applies if a Smart Wallet is attached to any cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin).

4. For voluntarily releasing one’s purchase information (safely via SMS and an online API).

➡️ Gem4me Market Space is the future of trading! Join Gem4me Market Space and learn more about our solutions:

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