ValueMags Releases New Program for Subscribers

Mark Evans
Sep 15, 2016 · 2 min read

ValueMags is keeping up with the trends of the industry. They recently have had an application available to their customers. It allows them to browse through all the latest issues of their favorite magazines with a touch of a finger. No matter where they are, all they need is a tablet instead of carrying around different issues.

The founder of ValueMags, Andrew Degenholtz, has said that this new app will help customers improve their user experience. The difference between this new technology compared to that of their competitors is customers don’t have to download a special app or create an account to login. This can be done through click-based authentication where the published content is protected from non-subscribers. If there is something you liked in last month’s issue of a given magazine, subscribers can have their own archive of saved materials. Because the program ValueMags now offers support an array of APIs, customers can use it on different platforms and it doesn’t have to be restrained for specific devices.

This program is called ValeMags Digital Replica Edition and not only does it make it more convenient for the end user, it can help magazine publishers as well. Instead of the traditional way people read magazines, which couldn’t quantify anything, ValueMags came up with a solution to know many people are clicking through the pages and the ads. It gives insight to publishers to the exact number of open rates their content received. They can then figure out ways to maximize and improve these numbers since it helps facilitate third party e-commerce sales, sponsors and editorial products.

A unique visitor is someone who visits a page, regardless if they opened it twenty times or just once. They will only be counted as one unique user and the program will know how to calculate for each visitor without ballooning the numbers. These figures can be viewed from any device and the use of Adobe Flash is not required much like other programs.

ValueMag’s competition even limits to amount of time you can download the app in different devices without charging you first. But with the ValueMag’s application, it will allow readers to read their issues on up to five different devices without even signing up or logging in. Their Digital Replica Edition Program has shown to augment user engagement significantly due to the handiness and mobility of the service being offered. There has been marketing research done on how customers are enjoying the their experience on the program. It has shown that they would use it for themselves. For those of you who would like to subscribe to it, visit ValueMags website and follow the steps.

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