Anger at the Falsely Righteous

M Henry speaks on the mood of the country.

America better check itself. Every day we continue to have an openly abusive man in power.

We risk his behavior being replicated on every level.

How can you tell a child to read a book when the leader of the free world has seemingly not ever read a page?

How can you tell your children to believe in something greater than themselves when you have a self adulating man on the TV every day?

How can you call yourself moral and fearful of righteousness when you stay silent in the face of unrighteousness?

I can not. I will not, and I claim no high ground, only justice, dignity and respect for all persons who exist to honor the creations around them, and call afoul any being who does not either show deference or reverence for other sentient beings.

This the truth.

I don’t care about whether you are a “democrat” or “republican;” heinous acts have been committed in both names.

What I do commit to is decency.

Be decent.

Speak for the unspoken, and if you have been truly gifted with intelligence, use it for the greater good.

Teach by example, pray through acts of goodness, not only in buildings that are useless mortar and stone. Be the light in a country which is currently ruled by the darkness of avarice, division and hate.

Stop your “daily” nothings and be that change you claim to seek. If you are waiting for a “savior” then make a place that is decent enough for that arrival – currently, there is not a welcoming space as long as you stay silent and only shout at the TV or root just for your own team.

Our destiny is your destiny.

We are all bonded to the same planet. Riders on this ship. Let’s make it sail more smoothly unless it is to stop orbiting. at all.

M Henry Observation