A Commentary on Adam Johnson’s New Essay: Iran Doesn’t Have a Nuclear Weapons Program. Why Do Media Keep Saying It Does?

Here’s the article, by Adam Johnson of FAIR:


An excerpt:

“Another major reason for this recurring falsehood, as FAIR (7/6/17) noted after the New York Times twice “mistakenly” accused Iran of carrying out 9/11 (one of the smears going uncorrected for over three years), is that one can say pretty much anything about Iran without any professional or public backlash. Because Iran is an Official US Enemy, and its motives are therefore always deemed sinister, the idea that it is plotting to violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and build a nuclear weapon is simply taken as a given. The lack of hard evidence for this is irrelevant: Intentions of those in the crosshairs of US power are always presented as cynical and malicious; those of the US and its allies benevolent and in good faith. Iran’s sinister motives are simply the default setting — no matter much evidence points to the contrary.”

There is good reason to suspect that Iran HAS NEVER HAD a nuclear weapons program. Ayatollah Khomeini explicitly forbade the development of nuclear weapons, calling them “un-Islamic”. He likewise forbade the development and use of Iranian chemical weapons, even while Saddam was assaulting his troops with these; he allowed only the production of protective gear.


This proscription against nukes was later formalized as a fatwa by Ayatollah Khamenei.


It’s my impression that Iranians take the edicts of their religious leaders seriously.

And the so-called evidence that the US and UN cite for Iran’s past program consists of a purloined laptop — provided by an Iranian terrorist group in league with Israel — the contents of which have been shown to be fraudulent. This “evidence” is very analogous to the forged documents showing that Iraq had tried to purchase yellowcake from Niger. Both likely were the handiwork of Mossad. (But don’t expect MSM to ever acknowledge this.) The highly credible investigative journalist Gareth Porter has done yeoman work in unraveling this story:



As to Iran being “the world’s greatest sponsor of terrror” — Iran, which has not invaded another country in hundreds of years, supports national liberation movements like Hezbollah defending their land from Israel. Unlike the psychotic Sunni salafist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, whom WE sometimes have supported, they do not commit terrorist attacks on civilians outside the Middle East, and hence are no direct threat to us. (The claim that Hezbollah was behind the bombing of a nightclub in Argentina a couple of decades ago is dubious, and the bombing of a Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 was not a “terrorist” act, as the US was shelling Hezbollah positions at the time.) Iran is actually our natural ally in confronting the salafist butchers who actually DO threaten us, and they are currently helping to crush ISIS in Syria.

Yet our politicians are required to label Iran the “greatest terrorist supporter” because our Likudnik puppetmasters demand it. Iran is the one large stable power in the region that can oppose Israel’s further expansion to “Greater Israel”, and hence it and its allies such as Syria and Hezbollah must be crushed. Trump, despite his former protestations that he opposes “regime change” wars, now appears to be completely in the pocket of Netanyahu, so don’t expect sanity to be restored anytime soon.

Those of us who have been following the developing evidence on Russiagate closely now know that the claim that the Russian government interfered in our elections on Trump’s behalf — the unceasing obsession of our MSM for a year — is one big LIE triggered by a hoax.



Just as was the hysteria about Saddam’s WMDs, the existence of which was attested to by lying Iraqi defectors. Just as are the inherently absurd claims that Assad intentionally used sarin gas “against his own people”.




The vendetta against Iran fits this pattern perfectly. Our politicians and our MSM will believe — or pretend to believe — whatever their paymasters expect them to.