I Will Not Accept A Party That Normalizes War Crimes
Rainer Shea

If Bernie gets the Democratic nomination in 2020 — owing to people power, despite the undoubted opposition of the Dem establishment — and then is elected, we may start to find our way out of this morass. (Likely with the enthusiastic cooperation of Jeremy Corbyn, who may be British Prime Minister by that time.) Although, like most Americans, Bernie has been misled by our MSM on some key issues — on Russiagate, Syria, and Crimea — this doesn’t alter the fact that he is fundamentally opposed to aggressive war, will seek peaceful solutions to conflict, and does not accept the Neocon view that we are so “exceptional” that we have a right and obligation to rule the world.

Of course I concur in your revulsion for the war crimes that we are committing on a daily basis. And there is no doubt that Hillary is a war criminal. The destruction of Libya’s army which she fomented in concert with Sarkozy was illegal aggression, as it was not approved by the UN (only a “no-fly-zone over Benghazi was agreed to).