Looking for Seth Rich’s Killer? Here’s a Curious Coincidence for You.

To recap, cyberanalysis spearheaded by Adam Carter and the Forensicator strongly suggests that Guccifer 2.0 — whom our ever-reliable intelligence community (or rather, that small portion of it hand-picked by Clapper and Brennan for exemplary Russophobia) has fingered as the Russian operative hacker who was the source of the Wikileaks DNC emails — is in fact a close associate of the DNC with significant computer expertise and experience in counterintelligence.



G2.0, who has masquerading as a Russian by leaving fake “Russian fingerprints” on documents he has released, by using Russian smilies -“)))”- in his writings, and by amateurish efforts to mimic a Russian communicating in English, has taken credit as the Wikileaks source, in an evident effort to distract attention from the incriminating content of the DNC/Podesta emails by smearing Assange as a puppet of the nefarious thieving Russkies, intent on installing Trump as their willing tool. We can reasonably surmise that G2.0 was motivated to concoct this elaborate sham because he and top people at the DNC had learned that the DNC emails that Wikileaks was about to release had emerged via internal leak from someone appalled at the DNC’s corruption; this fact had to be concealed at all cost. And, if they knew there had been a leak, they likely knew who the leaker was. That leaker was also the one person — aside from Assange, who had sworn a blood oath of secrecy — who could destroy G2.0’s scam by outing himself as the leaker. Curiously, Seth Rich — whom Sy Hersh’s unnamed FBI inside source indicates is the leaker — was murdered not long after G2.0’s emergence, in a “robbery” botched so badly that no valuables were taken.

Adam Carter has quite reasonably posited that the G2.0 persona was created by people associated with Crowdstrike, a group close to the DNC that would have had the expertise to pull off the G2.0 scam. The founding CEO of Crowdstrike is Shawn Henry, who previously headed up cybersecurity at the FBI, described by the Washington Post at the time as the FBI’s “chief cyber cop”.


In his most recent essay, Adam discusses the case of Sabu, a hacker who, after his secret arrest by the FBI, participated in stings that enabled the arrest of other hackers, and who attempted to compromise Wikileaks by sending them phony emails.


Adam, who had been following the Sabu story in real time, suspected that Sabu had been compromised, and his suspicion was subsequently confirmed when the arrest of Sabu — Hector Xavier Monsegur — was announced publicly. Adam is unsure whether Sabu himself had been strong-armed by the FBI to spearhead these stings, or whether his persona had just been coopted by the FBI. Adam thinks it likely that Shawn Henry, as head of FBI cybersecurity, had supervised the Sabu stings. This might have been good training for the subsequent G2.0 operation.

So, for extra-credit points, tell me — who hired and supervised Shawn Henry at the FBI?


No doubt you have noticed that Mueller’s team, in its unstinting efforts to get to the truth about Russiagate, has devoted extensive time and effort to questioning Julian Assange and Craig Murray, the people who truly know how the DNC emails were obtained by Wikileaks.

Oh — you haven’t noticed that?!

Drain the swamp? Where’s VESUVIUS when you need it?!!