Love and Desire
umair haque

Indeed we all need love! And the reason is because our Creator IS love Himself, and He has created us to love and to be loved. I myself received and experience Gods love in my heart and it is wonderful. I want to share a beautiful testimony of a woman Anna who was taken up into heaven and this is what she experienced:

…” Suddenly Jesus was standing directly in front of me within the coals of fire. Brilliant, white light was coming from Him; tongues of fire radiated out from Him at intervals. His eyes were aflame also. He spoke, “As My heart is represented by the garden in Paradise, each believer’s heart is likewise represented as a locked garden wherein we meet. The Father’s heart is represented by these coals of fire, aflame with love. The heart of our Father is pure, aflame, and holy. You must be invited to walk amid the coals of fire, for although our Father loves all, not all are invited within. For those whom He invites, complete oneness is the only thing that will satisfy: consuming and being consumed, where all sin is unthinkable and painful in the extreme. Like a moth to a flame, one is drawn closer and closer into holiness. Any thought of darkness that hinders perfect union with Light — any wavering in obedience, any thought that is not love — becomes painful; for to that degree, the perfect oneness with the Father is disturbed. Love desires more and more of the Beloved. There is pain in separation.

Darkness causes blockages, but love seeks more and more of the Light — more, ever more, until the child also is a walking flame of love in constant communion with Love Himself.

“My heart yearns in ever increasing multiplications for My Father. His love consumes Me, and I hunger and thirst for more.

“Let this desire so be in you — that His goodness draws forth thankfulness and praise, that His mercy draws forth adoration, that His holiness draws forth worship, that like a true child of the Father, Love begets love and trust.”

With that, He took my hand and led me out of the coals of fire.” …

If you are interested in the whole story here is it:

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