This looks like two straw men having a fight.

Did you even read her piece? Nice and slow:

  1. “Value” in SV ideology has little connection to the real life of most people. Google might make nice software, Intel might make nice hardware but neither do much for the declining middle classes food, employment, healthcare, housing, blah, blah actual flesh-being problems.
  2. Ossified mediocrity is trotting out “strawman” as a critical ding (wink, wink) because it’s a nice neat technical term that ironically describes nothing in this case.
  3. It’s clear what democracy means: move power away from a small group of elites and back towards average-people. If you need help finding materials that suggest how this could be accomplished than I’d set aside an hour or two a night for the next year because you have a lot of options to peruse.
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