Hey VCs and Accelerators! How Your Companies Can Get More Bad Ass Advisors

On September 1 we are launching a private label version of Bad Ass Advisors for funds, accelerators and events

It’s been a year since we beta-launched Bad Ass Advisors to match bad ass mentors and advisors with newly funded companies that need and want their expertise.

We’ve received great reviews, scaled our network to thousands of advisors and companies conducting winning matches daily. This isn’t a venture-backed idea (like the now auctioned-off FounderDating or Clarity.fm), it’s a free service; a project of love to connect my peer network of (older (grrrr….) experienced entrepreneurs and execs with wisdom, proven outcomes, and something to offer) to the new generation of tech exec seeking to disrupt or hack some legacy process and/or change the world in their unique way. What’s greatest about the project; 30% of our matched advisors sign agreements to become advisors to the companies. If we were a dating service, we’d blow match.com out of the water.

Example of a great advisor (and a great guy!)

What did we learn?

The companies we helped most were pre Series A, frequently alumni of accelerators, validated with funding, have a great ‘product’ founder, aspire to raise additional capital, put the time and effort into describing the advisor they need and are seasoned enough to know they don’t know it all.

The advisors really love advising and mentoring. They are willing to describe in detail the exact type of company they know they can help and are willing to work in a performance-based relationship and walk away from a vesting schedule if they are not adding a ton of value and meeting expectations.

The organizations we worked with, including events like SaaStr, accelerators like HAX and super angels and venture funds like Floodgate, Flight.vc, Transmedia Capital and Freestyle want to ‘own’ the dashboard to directly help their investments.

Here is a great company looking for advisors today…

Today our newly expanded platform is available. It’s an enhanced version of Bad Ass Advisors for accelerators and investors to match their cohorts and investments to our extensive advisor network and to their own bench of mentors. You will no longer need to fit an all-around advisor peg into a square company hole. Advisors with explicit skill sets can help companies with narrowly defined needs. Instead of figuring out which of your 10 or so mentors can help your ecommerce company sell laboratories, you can cherry pick a Bad Ass Advisor and former VP Sales who spent most of their career selling into big pharma.

Your companies draft RFAs (request for advisors) and we match them

If you run an accelerator or a venture fund and want:

1000+ vetted Bad Ass Advisors to provide instant expansion of your mentor network

Filtering and taxonomy to match the right advisors to the right company. (There’s a big difference between someone who crushes enterprise sales and someone who builds out awesome dial for dollar orgs yet both are “Sales Mentors”)

Your brand, your message integrated to your site

Full privacy for your ‘captive’ mentors, each partner can build their own network that’s just right for their companies but with all the tools that power the broader network

Dashboard Recommending three great Advisors for Fogo Inc.

It’s free for 90 days (afterwards only $100/month contribution to cover some of our costs). See what your CEOs think if they haven’t heard of us. Did you find them well matched mentors and advisors? Did it take you and your team a lot less time to find the right matches?

Our goal is to provide mutually rewarding experiences for our mentors and entrepreneurs so together they can invent and together develop great businesses faster.

If you are a registered fund, Angel List syndicate or accelerator click here to request a trial account.

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