Saranggola- Freedom of the Filipino’s

Ang tindera ng isda — the girl represents the the faithful leaders of our economy, the fishes represent the money of our country while the rat represents the corrupt goverment leaders.

Kaselsa — while horse represents the purity of the Filipinos, the farmer represents the Filipinos, as you can’t see his face is sad and tired, even though their work his hard they still manage to be happy. The colorful kalesa represents their joy of doing their jobs.

Meraveles — in everydarkness there is always light.

Their purpose of their art is to inspire the Filipinos. So our generation and the upcoming generations can learn more on how to value art and learn things through art. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is telling us that art is very important in our culture.



Menor Arcana: Copa

Itak sa puso ni mang juan

Spider Boy

Moment of desire

They apply the Filipino practices to every Art they do. In every art painting I saw it was almost all about the problems of the Philippines when they lived and also as time passes by their art became more exposed.

Difference of National Museum and Met Museum

In national museum the art there is more on Filipno Culture while the Met Museum art shows the evolution of Philippine Art and in Met Museum in every painting it has its deeper meaning and it takles a deeper problem of the Philippines. It was a fun experience for me to go to the one of the most beautiful museums in the Philippines. We had to pay for an entrance fee in the Met Museum while the National Museum was free and also in the Met Museum there were rules that were not allowed to take pictures of the Philippine Contemporary art.

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