Stairway to heaven and redemption

By photosteve101

The pastor of the church I attend gave a sermon on Colossians 1:15–20. This passage of the bible was meant to be written as a song, and in order to convey the message, he rearranged the text and added a tune to it. The tune was from one of his favourite melodies which happens to be Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

As soon as he started playing on his guitar, most of us instantly recognized the tune. This got me thinking that Christian redemption works in a similar way. Even though we are changed, the underlying tune and melody of our lives remains recognizable as we do not lose our individual unique identities. Each of us has been born with a beautiful and rich tune given by God and we are required to fill it with words that glorify God. However, this is not the case as we go through life. Due to the presence of original sin, the work of the devil and our own wrong decisions, the tune of our lives are filled with words that don’t bring glory to God. In fact, the words tend to be offensive, insulting and blasphemous to him.

However, when we admit that we are wrong and ask for help i.e. repentance, God through His Holy Spirit begins changing the words of our lives while keeping the tune (our identity) intact. This process takes a lifetime and is often met with a lot of resistance from ourselves. Eventually, as we trust Him more and give ourselves to Him, the words of our lives are completely changed and we get new meaning and purpose. As with all songs even though we enjoy the melody, what gives the song meaning are the words and the message it conveys.

The following is the rearranged piece from Colossians:

He alone gives us sight of God’s beauty and light
He’s the firstborn of all the creation
For in him, and through him, and for him they were made
Every power on earth and in heaven

And he is — before all things
And in him everything holds together

And he is — the source and the head
Of his body, his people, his treasure

He’s the start of the new, resurrected and true.
He’s the firstborn of God’s new creation
Lifted high over all, he’s God’s essence in full
And in him all things find consummation

Everything — in earth and in heaven
Making peace through the blood of salvation
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