Just do it – sometimes, you just have to execute.

I know Gary Vaynerchuk’s style, message and manner tend to make him a polarising character. But as I come from the “No-Nonsense-Get-On-With-It” and “Tend-To-Do-Better-When-I-Get-A-Kick-In-The-Pants” camps, the way Gary Vee does things works well for me. I actually like the guy.

Last night, I was in a funk. For about 22 minutes. I was working on one of my new side projects and was in that state of want to get it out/is it ready/yes it is/no it isn’t/I need this first/I don’t need that yet etc etc etc. Then suddenly, something that I saw in a 2 minute Gary Vee video on some social media channel recently (pick one, the guy is everywhere) popped into my head. It warranted a Twitter post (more for myself than for my connections). So I dug out a meme and posted the following:

Those words, “Right now, must focus on the execution” were my mantra last night. Funny enough, just last week I confessed to a friend I meet with regularly to talk business together with, Josh Withers, that analysis paralysis has always been my personal downfall. (Funny how those of us in the coaching/support industries often fall down for ourselves where we score big wins with and for our clients!)

So this morning, I got up and did what Gary Vee said to do: I executed. I created something and got it out. I took a step. I threw the ball. I leaped off. I leaned in. I started talking. I made the thing. I posted it. I just did “it”. I did SOMETHING!

And boy, can I tell you: irrespective of whether it may be crap (not sure yet) or popular (definitely not at this stage of the project) or seen (I know one person who isn’t me has) I can take great pride in being able to say “IT HAS BEGUN!”

In short, execution just feels so good!

Stop procrastinating. Just do it.

[If you are interested, here is what I did. I hope you enjoy it and, if it’s your thing, stick around and tell your friends.]

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