To put it together, pull it apart…

…and why it’s a bonus if it’s already broken.

My passion and business is about finding the hidden gems in people and organisations. There is so much potential and opportunity out there that has not been tapped into; but people either don’t know where to look or are just too close and so miss seeing it. And that’s when they call me in – to help them take that new life step or find that new product or create that lead magnet or give them clarity on that thing or look for that solution or find those new ideas.

Despite it taking me a long time to discover what it was I essentially do well, it was a skill developed as a kid. I was the one who always asked “Why?” and kept going, like the guys who keep splitting atoms and their particles to try and get to the core of all matter, until I got to the bottom of it.

And herein is the key to potentially discovering any idea or possibility or solution or opportunity: pull it apart!

Every system I have created that I use in my work – whether it be with individuals or businesses/organisations – comes from a philosophy based on a combination of divergent and convergent thinking. This Divergent/Convergent approach is important. It strips away the layers and exposes everything. Then, as things are put back together again and the threads of what was discovered are pulled in, there is an opportunity to remove and/or add what is needed for what is coming next.

So this is why I say that if your thing is already broken that’s a bonus: because a lot of the pulling apart has already been done for you. Some, if not all, of the issue(s) and the problems have been exposed – maybe not completely, but enough to know they are there. And with a little more digging and sifting through the muck and the mire of the situation, those solutions, possibilities and opportunities will become apparrent.

Doing it this way can hurt more – getting something torn open lends itself to more pain than something cut open carefully with a surgeon’s scalpel. Often though, the “blow up” makes us act. If it had never happened, it’s possible no one would have ever thought to dig deeper and see what amazing resources were hidden there.

And this is why I can honestly say that many times problems in life and business provide the impetus that can, if we are willing to look at them in a positive way, create something amazing, better, stronger and more impacting than we could have imagined.
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