The world’s reefs are dying. Here’s how to save them
The Economist

The Reefs are the Canary in the Coal Mine.
 Should Arctic News prove correct — all human life can end on earth by 2026 — without an 80% reduction in fossil fuel use within 5 years.

The huge threat we are facing is OMNICIDE: The total extinction of the human species as a result of human action. 
 Most commonly it refers to human extinction through nuclear warfare, but it can also occur through global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe.
 These are the greatest emergencies humanity has ever confronted.
 Every means should be employed to publicize, discuss and attack the Global Warming problem.
 During WW2 a 4 engine bomber rolled off an assembly line every hour. Breakthrough new energy systems are being born. They are much less complex. Several are discussed at
 Most reflect hard to believe new science. Some exploit a surprising loophole in the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Ordinarily such breakthroughs require a generation to gain acceptance. We no longer have that luxury.
 Innovation is taking place at small firms across the planet. Mass production of the best systems will inevitably follow. What is needed is to speed the process fast enough to matter. 
 A laser like focus on climate change is urgently needed. The lives you save may include your own — and those of everyone you care about.

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