Why Did I Write a Book?

I wrote to teach others through “sharing inspiration to stay in the fight and become resilient”. Never give up, never quit. I reveal stories of extreme adversity I faced growing up as well as the difficulties and how I overcame fear, mental and physical challenges as a warrior and as a fighter. I am a subject matter expert on teaching proper mindset, and inspiring veterans and others to learn how to overcome adversity and expand to new horizons.

Life goes by in the blink of an eye. We all want to do more, be more and have more but life leaves us with a feeling like we have missed something. The secret to success is not in having more. It is in being the best at what you want to be. True resilience is found by failing many times but never giving up. A true character is formed by testing the metal. Tempering it over and over makes it strong.

Our experiences shape us into who we are. In the book, I will reveal the 7 steps to increase resiliency and re-engage live with vigor. I have learned that the steps of resiliency for physical and mental challenges can be strengthened by affirmation, faith and a willingness to change. I reveal those steps in detail in my upcoming book Step Out Step Up (The Path from Lost to Found). You can get on the list for a free chapter once we get ready to release later this year in 2016. The only way to grow is get outside of your comfort zone. You can find us on Twitter at @StepOutStepUp7. We will be publishing in late 2016.