#Livestreaming for Real Estate with @appmeerkat, a case study.


As a realtor and real estate techie I’m always looking for or creating ways to make the industry work better. I love the live streaming technology and immediately started to think of how this could be applied to the real estate industry. There has been some talk about the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (#FOMO) with regards to live streaming. Meaning, if you’re not watching the live stream then, you’ll miss it completely. Now, @appmeerkat gives the live streamer the option to save the stream when the stream ends. So, I figured you can take that saved stream or ‘Meerkast’ as it has been cleverly named and upload it to a YouTube channel or Vimeo or any other video sharing platform.

So, I set out to do a case study on this. I went to a property, put my phone on a selfie stick, opened @appmeerkat and started streaming. My commentary wasn’t necessarily the typical Realtor home tour but, it could have been. My point was that if a Realtor has a client who is out of town, out of the country, or just too busy to come out to the property, the Realtor could live stream a tour of the home. During this tour, more detail could be pointed out to the client. This particular home was newly built so, the details highlighted could be the finishing touches and materials used. If the property was a fixer or just needed some work, the live stream could point to taking a look at the systems of the home, under sinks, a peek in the attic, etc. I’m very bullish on utilizing this technology in real estate.

The result of the ‘saving the stream and uploading to YouTube’ part of my case study turned up a different result. The entire stream was not saved and the audio did not match the video. I’m not sure why that is. Possibly having to do with signal strength, I’m not sure. Therefore, in this initial try did not prove fruitful.

I know that @periscope is said to have a ‘record’ feature to it. Maybe that will be a better live streaming platform to use for the purposes I’ve highlighted here. I do feel there are more applications for live streaming in real estate and I will continue to do more of these case studies to find the perfect uses for this technology in the real estate industry.