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Julia: A fresh approach to technical computing

You’ve got something running in Julia that’s pretty neat. It glues together some crazy-good libraries like DifferentialEquations and creates a cool output you want to share with the world.

You want normal humans to be able to try out your code from the convenience of a website. So begins your adventure in deploying Julia.

Websites are written in HTML and JavaScript. So you need your Julia functions to be available behind an API that can be called from JavaScript.

I’ll cut to the chase and tell you what we ended up using for, …

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I’ve sold Vora.

A little less than 2 years ago, I embarked on the journey of Vora. Operating under my standard strategy of delivering ASAP in order to get feedback, it took a month from the first commit to publishing Vora on the app stores. The thrill of getting those first users was electric. Someone I’ve never even talked to was using my app and liking it. I incessantly logged into the Firebase Console and refreshed the user database. 10 users, 20 users, 50 users. At the time I was freelancing, so I was able to dedicate a good amount of time into the app. I created cool features like Vora Social, data visualizations, weight tracking and custom data. …

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The idea of Airquill is simple: trade stories with your friends. It’s like writing letters or stories to each other, with the catch being that you must both submit before anything can be viewed.

The webapp is fully functional:

I viewed the project as a social experiment. The technical side is simple, your standard CRUD app. But how people respond to a new social dynamic can only be empirically tested, speculation is fine but doesn’t really answer the question.

My goal from the start was to test it in the wild ASAP. Looking back at the git log, the time from the first commit to the first interaction with a user was a little over a month. …


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